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Key West Music Festivals 2022

Key West Music Festivals 2022

You are in key west and missing out on the key west music festivals? Make your trip more fun, and get all the necessary information about the key west music festivals. Let’s delve into this.

The beautiful island of the state of Florida in the United States is a vast treasure of adventurous fun things, a micronation conch republic key west. The key west is situated 100 miles away from Cuba and on the south side of the Gulf of Mexico. This site is listed as one of the best destination spots for vacations across the year. This micronation got independence from the United State in 1982, the most famous one-minute war, and then the mayor Dennis Wardlow declared their separation.

The conch-style huts, aircraft, sunset sail, conch stuffed shrimp, conch legal rum, and many other things to eat, drink and have fun with. The iconic key lime pie in the key west is the most famous dessert on this island and people visit the conch republic key west to get the taste of the world's best key lime pie.

Just like its best food and drinks, key west is prominent because of its beautiful arts and culture that allure the visitors, as well as the love for music and architecture that stands out the key west among all the Florida Keys. Key West holds a songwriter festival every year and boasts a classic, hip hop, retro, rock songs, and many other more interesting things. Let’s dig out the information below to know more about the key west music festivals.

Key West Music Festivals


The musical culture of the key west has been compared to the other islands and keys, many outstanding musicians live on the island as well as many locals and tourists visit this site to explore the key west culture.

Talented artists and international performers can be spotted performing in a variety of locations on the given day every year. Something is going on in the key west town every month you can also look for the festival calendar of key west for more information.

Hip hop, rock, retro, jazz, reggae, classical, calypso, blues, harmonica, funk & soul, and many other types of music are exhibited at the Key West music festivals. There are 23 upcoming concerts in the key west 2022, let’s take a look at the concert's details.

  1. On 25th June 2022, the artist James Kirby will be setting the stage at Key West Theater.

  2. The Resolvers will be live from 1st to 3rd July 2022 at the famous Green Parrot.

  3. Kristopher James on the July of 16th, 2022, and on 16th July 2022 All-star Band will do the concert at the key west theater.

  4. From 22nd to 24th July, Joanna Connor will be live at the Green Parrot.

  5. 27th to 30th of July the Clay Hollis and Friends will perform at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon.

  6. On 29th July, there will be a live performance at different sites, Mia Borders will do a concert at the Green Parrot also on the 30th, and 31st of July, and the Fitz & the tantrums will live on at the Key West Amphitheater.

  7. On the 31st of July, the Alive & Well will perform at the Key West Theater, however, on the 4th of August, Ben Harrison will live at the same site.

  8. On the 7th of August, the Slightly Stoopid will set the stage at the Coffee cutler Amphitheater and on August 16th the artist June Star will live on at the General Horseplay.

  9. From 3rd to 5th November the Meeting Of the Minds will do the jam session at Key West Florida.

Above is the detailed information about the Key West Music Festival, so if you are visiting key west during summer to early winter then make sure to reach out to the sites and enjoy the musical concerts.

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