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Micronation in Key West -Conch Republic

Key West is one of the most famous keys in the Florida State and is lined by the blue sea and Gulf of Mexico. Key West is basically an island with a beautiful landscape and is framed by the Atlantic ocean and has a line boundary with the Monroe country. This key Florida withdrew itself from the United State due to its conflict with the US parliament. Key West is commonly referred to all around the world as the Northern Territories, as well it is the nation’s capital of Florida.

Key West Florida is a must-visit and a great center of attraction for tourists all over the world due to its jaw-dropping scenery and surroundings. Key West is prominent due to its perfect and delicious seafood and people from all over the state usually travel to get the taste of the seafood of the Conch republic. Key West key lime pie is also another well-known thing of the Conch Republic and tourists and visitors satisfy their sweet taste buds with this sweet-sour dessert.

Key West people are known and called conches, why? Is the key west conch republic a micronation? Why is the conch republic key west is called micronation? Do you want to know the answer to all the above queries? Great, keep reading and find out the amusing facts.

Why is the Conch Republic key west a micronation?

Before exploring the conch republic key west history let’s get an idea about what actually micronation is;

The micronation is basically an independent setup and is in the hands of the sovereign nation but it is not legally recognized by the governments of international corporations. A micronation is comparatively small in an area like a few million square kilometers. Micronation usually has its flags, passports, and postage stamps.

There are numerous North American micronations and the Conch Republic is one of them and has a total zone of about 15.4 sq. kilometers. As well, the total population of this micronation is about 69,000 and the currency of this micronation is Conch dollars. Like all other micronations, the key west conch republic micronation has its conch republic flag, conch republic passport, and postage stamps.

Conch Republic Flag

In 1982, when the United State parliaments sent the notification to the Florida key west to pay the food tax but the Key West locals refused to pay the food tax. Stating that they will not pay the food taxes even though they will eat conch but will not pay the tax. In the meantime, the United State army blocked all the roads going towards key west Florida, with a statement that the sea line of the Key West is promoting illegal elements like smuggling and human trafficking. This badly affected the economy of Key West so the mayor of Key West Dennis Wardlow presented the petition to the United State parliament but their request was not accepted.

So, the mayor openly in front of the media announced their separation from the United State, till 1995 the United State and micronation conch republic existed side by side but the United State decided to utilize the Key west conch republic as the army training base camp. This statement is clearly an invasion of a foreign land so the people of Key West started attacking the US army ship with water and old Cuban bread.

Right after all this chaos the United State apologized to the Key West Conch Republic micronation and withdrew their army from their land. Now, the Conch republic key west is celebrating its 40th anniversary but till now the people of conch hold binary citizenship one is of America and the other one is on Conch republic key west. Even the key west conch republic has its passport, and people usually love to wear the key west conch republic t-shirt to show their love and enthusiasm for their micronation conch republic.

Key West Conch Republic T-Shirt

The Conch Republic is now a micronation marking their 40th anniversary as an independent nation, Key West conch republic now issued their passport and postage stamps stating “We succeed where others failed”. However, their celebrations like partying, fairs, clubbing, events, and many other exciting things usually begin at the start of April and last at the start of May.

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