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Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is Key West's first legal rum distillery since Prohibition. Chef Paul Menta's award-winning Key West rums are aged in Salt Cured Barrels using locally and naturally-sourced authentic food flavors–Key Lime, Coconut, Madagascar Vanilla crème brûlée–and Florida demerara sugar (never molasses) to produce a rum with flavor depths and aromatic heights worthy of the distinction: Chef Distilled®.



Bad Bitch Rum Spanish Marie

Details- Aged in French Oak Barrels that had Red wine and Salt Cured provide an amazing taste from the red wine tannins with a rich smooth finish and a note of caramel.  Spanish Marie was a Rum Runner who smuggled high-proof rum from Cuba to Key West. It is said she would cut her glass of rum with some red wine ( no water on the boat to cut the strong rum!) 


40% ALC./VOL (80 Proof) 750ML

Distilled and Bottled by Chef Distilled, Key West FLA


Aged Key West Raw and Unfiltered Rum

Details- We use Brand new American Oak Barrels{ we never use barrels that have had other whiskeys or bourbons in them)  with a number 3 char inside the barrel. We take the new barrel down the street to the ocean and fill it with fresh seawater. After the barrel swells overnight, we drain out the ocean water and let it cure{ dry out}. This removes all the fresh water and leaves a salt residual that opens the pores of the wood letting it age better and removing the good flavors from the wood into the rum. We also notice a Ph change after 1 year that smooths the rum out even more. You get a flavorful aged rum with notes of fig, plum, vanilla and finishes with a pepper-like taste in the mouth from the magnesium in the salt. It's a one-of-a-kind rum that represents the Key West Style that's now become famous worldwide. Never filtered after being removed from the barrel you will see why Raw and Unfiltered is truly unique!

40% ALC./VOL (80 Proof) 750ML

Distilled and Bottled by Chef Distilled, Key West FLA

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