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Key West Conch Republic Celebrations 2022

Florida is situated on the southeast side of the United state and is one of the most prominent states of the United States lined by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is the most populous state in the United States with a population of around 23 million. Florida has almost 1700 keys which are denoted as the Florida Keys and key west is the most famous key in Florida. Key West is a beautiful key of Florida and with its breathtaking sceneries, it is considered a must-visit point for tourists from all around the world. 


Key West is a micronation that got independence from the United States after facing many hardships, conch republic key west is mainly located near the sea so the US army blocked all the roads of the Florida key. This blockade badly affects the economy and tourism of the key west conch republic and somehow jeopardizes the livelihood of the key west residents. 


As well, the United States demands the key west conch republic to pay the food taxes and the people of the key west refuse to pay as they would prefer to eat the conch but will not pay food taxes. The key west mayor submitted the petition mentioning the removal of the blockade and considering the food tax. The US rejected the plea of the key west mayor and later on, the mayor declared the independence of the key west conch republic in front of the media. 

Now, people of the conch Republic hold binary citizenship one is for the conch republic key west whereas the other one is of America. However today conch republic key west celebrates its 10-day birthday and other events by blissfully holding its conch republic flag. Do you want to know more about the conch republic celebration 2022? Keep reading and find out about the key west conch republic celebration.


Key West Conch Republic Celebration 2022 -10 Days Of Celebrations

The 40th birthday of the conch republic key west is a week of events and a huge celebration for the micronation conch republic. Below we are mentioning all the official events dates and details so dig down and find out all the exciting celebrations of key west. 


15th April, Friday 

The first day of 10-day celebrations in key west will cover up many celebrations like people start their day by having breakfast at any local restaurant in the key west. Members of the military, ambassadors, and many other high command people usually get together at the local restaurants. 

At noon, people celebrate the 40th anniversary including the pledge of allegiance of both the conch republic and America, and people are provided with proper complementary guides and refreshments buses. 


In the afternoon, people move forward to enjoy the beautiful sunset at the Atlantic ocean and then vote for their favorite candidate. After all this, pirate adventure with refreshments on the sail but you have to reserve the seats first. As well, on the first day of the celebration, there will be a shell blowing contest and a kick-off party late at night. 


16th April, Saturday 

The second day of celebration will start with the cleaning of the conch republic and then people will join the art and craft fair which will be held at Duval Street. After this, a fury adventure will be held at the Greene street including jet-skiing, snooker, and many other things with refreshments. 

Crawl and Rum stroll will be held and people have to buy the tickets for this as they will be provided with drinks at every stop on the island. After this, the celebration will proceed with the Drag races and Cuban sandwiches, and the Fashion Show of art at the key west theater. 


17th April, Sunday 

On the third day of the celebration, people will enjoy the fury adventure and another food festival at local restaurants. A stroll and sunset with a water sport like wing foiling is the most adventurous thing to do on the Conch republic's birthday. 


18th April, Monday

On this day, first, you have to find the free goodies for your pet puppy, and then on the sail with sunset and music with full refreshments, especially cocktails. 


19th April, Tuesday

It is a wine day. First people will go for the wine tasting event and then go for the water parade events with sunset and wine. 


20th April, Wednesday 

An event of the art of wine at the square gallery and then a hot Havana night event at Charles street (you have to buy tickets for this beforehand) and then the people will go for the traditional feast featuring the favorite dessert of the conch republic -key lime pie. 


21st April, Thursday 

World's longest parade party at the ocean and people will participate in the musical party of the conch republic. As well, people will celebrate the after party of the world’s largest and longest parade awards ceremony. 

22nd April, Friday 

On this day, the conch republic navy will offer the longest boat parade and the victory party will be held at the William street of the conch republic. 


23rd April, Saturday 

Ribbon bed races and conch crawl stroll with fury adventure as well many events like ball and costume contest and cup race series will be held on the ninth day of the conch republic's birthday. 


24th April, Sunday 

On the last day of the celebration, firstly people will eat brunch at the yellowfin bar & kitchen, and then the cup race series will begin. Live music with wine and an awards party will be held on the last day of the celebration.  


People of the conch republic usually wear key west conch republic t-shirts, key west conch republic hats, and flag tee shirts during these 10 days’ celebration as it is a way of showcasing their patriotism.

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