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The Conch Republic Flag says 1828, why is it so?


Florida, lined by the boundaries of the Gulf of Mexico is a state that is located in the United State region basically on the south side of the United State region. Florida is one the most over-populated states with a population of about 22 million and its capital city is Tallahassee. There are almost 1700 keys in Florida termed as the ‘Florida Keys’ and the conch republic is one of them.

Like many other nations, the conch republic key west -a micronation that was also born from the trouble and has a long history to share. The conch republic history states about the United states who block all the roads with barriers, a traffic jam which means no one can enter into the Florida keys, a serious threat to their independence and all this happens in 1982. Now the question might arise in your mind that the conch republic flag says 1828, why is it so? Read out the answers to all queries to get an idea about why it's so.

Where is the conch republic?

The Conch Republic is one of the most famous micronations located in one of the Florida keys, key west, which got freedom from the United State in April 1982. The conch republic is surrounded by the frame of the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico which amuse the tourist with its beautiful sceneries and red hot sun.

Why are the key west people called conch?

The United States once wanted to get tax from the key west people on the food items, so at that time the key west people started to raise slogans and signed the petition which says that they will not pay the food tax, and will eat conch better than giving food tax to the US. After this, the conch became the recognition of the key west people, and hence this state is now called the conch republic key west.

The conch republic flag says 1828, why is it so?

Like many other micronation flags, the conch republic key west also has a key west conch republic flag but even though they got separated from the US in 1982 but their flag states 1828, why?

The flag has 1828 on the right corner which actually states about the history of the Florida key; key west and other Monroe county, when the Monroe county and key west were absorbed as a state. This incident happened in 1828, as well the conch republic flag has five stars which are represented as the group of Cygnus, and the swan collectively called the Northern cross.

However, when the US parliament did not accept the plea of Dennis Wardlow, the prime minister of key west at that time then they stated a speech regarding the separation of Key West from the United State, as well they also made the flag stating KEy west, 1828, and five stars and warns the United State to accept the petition otherwise they will remove the flag of America and will raise the flag of Key west.

Just like their name conch. Key West was the only key that successfully broke with the United States and settled as an independent micronation. However, the government of the United States never took all these things too seriously as well. The Conch republic key west flag like other flags represents the beautiful culture and the way of living of Key west’s people.

Is a passport necessary while traveling to the key west?

Not a big deal, although traveling to the conch republic key west pass[ort is not a big deal, conch republic is too close to the Caribbean so the US people can easily roam around the Key West because having no passport is not a big issue. However, if you are not a US citizen then better to take your passport with you to avoid any mishap.

The Conch Republic key west is a micronation in Florida, a state of the United Nation, they do have their own flag that represents their history and unity.

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