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"The Most Famous U.N.Official
Micronation in the World!"


 “Officially Unofficial since 1982”



est. 1982


In April 1982, US Border Patrol set up a roadblock at the head of the Florida Keys to crack down on illegal immigration and stopped all vehicles entering and exiting the Florida Keys. Traffic to Key West came to a dead halt.

Key West City Leaders took their case to Tallahassee and the Florida Governor, who ignored the pleas of the US' beloved Caribbean island.


On April 23, 1982, Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow declared independence from the United States and the rest, as we are fond of telling anyone who will buy us a rum drink, is history.

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All People Are Created Equal Members Of


The Philosophy Of Key West Florida
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Speaker of the republic

1983: Paul Menta arrives in Key West

For a young man with a deep love for history, inspired where he grew up in Philadelphia by the history of his hero Benjamin Franklin, The Conch Republic (aka Key West) was the perfect environment for him to grow and create. In the Conch Republic, inspired by legendary, bigger-than-life characters and living historical figures such as Dennis Wardlow, Mel Fisher, Captain Tony, Captain Finbar, and a great many others, Paul Menta flourished. These amazing Conch Republic residents and neighbors all shared a similar independent, live-and-let-live, and community-centered mindset to that of young Menta's own idol Ben Franklin.

Embracing the Conch Republic lifestyle, Paul decided to commit to his love for the ocean, settled in, took up cooking as a Chef, became a professional Kiteboarder, and eventually went on to open the now-renowned Key West First Legal Rum Distillery.

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Our Vision

Conch Republic -the successful and prominent micronation of the United States was established in 1982 when the US Border Patrol blocked all the roads of the key west conch republic. After the rejection of the plea, the mayor Dennis Wardlow announced the separation from the United States and the rest is history. 


Our website has piles of information about the Conch Republic, if you want to explore this tropical island then you can visit blogs to know about the history, and culture, and get a tour guide. You can sign up for the key lime petition for making this delicious key lime pie the official dessert of the Conch republic. The legal rum of the conch republic key west is the first official legal rum to get so you can order your favorite rum bad bitch or aged raw and unfiltered rum from here. 


If you are in the conch republic and want to be a part of the conch republic celebrations then wearing a conch republic shirt is the best way. You can now order the long live conch republic shirt from our website on the 40th celebration of the conch republic anniversary.


We welcome all the visitors who want to know about the conch republic culture, community, festivals, fresh seafood, key lime pie, and many more. Shop your favorite conch republic shirt, legal raw and bad bitch rum to have the real fun in the conch republic key west. 

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Long Live Conch Republic Shirt

We are happy to announce that now you can buy our official long live conch republic shirt on the occasion of the 40th anniversary.

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