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Fun Activities to Partake in Around the Micronation, Key West Florida

Whether you live in the republic or are visiting the place then there are definitely some fun places you should not miss no matter what. These places are home to some equally fun activities all of which we will discuss with you right here. These spots are residents of the conch republic micronation:

  • Fort east Martello museum & garden

  • Oldest house in Florida

  • Nancy Foresters secret garden

  • Butterfly and nature conservatory

  • Ghost hunting

To be one with nature is a gift and the above-mentioned places provide you with that natural connection all in one state. The greenery, colourful plants flowers plus impeccable management all add to the best visitor experience imaginable.

Keep on reading to find out the details surrounding these places and all some historical information regarding their origin and beginning.

Fort east Martello museum & garden micronation, Key West:

Fort East Martello is the eighteenth-century museum that is the essence of the culture and happenings at the time. The area where the museum now lies was controlled by the military and their presence and existence in the area shows itself to this day. Everything from local art to Cuban artefacts is present at the museum.

Made completely of bricks and stone the museum has a rustic look to it, the famous haunted figure doll called: “Robert the Doll” belonging to Robert Otto is also held at the museum and anyone aware of its history likes to take pictures with it. If you are unaware that this might be the first visit you can simply do minor research online to elevate the experience.

Oldest house in Florida, Key West:

The oldest house in Florida is one dating from the nineteenth century showcasing the beauty of the nineteens and everything it consisted of. Since Key West is such a tropical state it has much history regarding ships and remnants from the time of destruction are all showcased in the museum. It is located in south of Florida

The house contains paintings, portraits, pictures, and artefacts from the 1900s. It is a classic and neat-looking house painted in neutral colours and it accommodates little space in the area of the micronation. The upkeep of the house is steady and neat making it look tip-top always, ready for visitors throughout the day.

Nancy Foresters Secret Garden in micronation Conch republic:

Nancy Forester is a nice little lady that has been rescuing lost parrots for over thirty-five years now. She keeps them in her backyard and has created for the birds an environment where the birds can feel homey living, especially since there are other parrots just like them so no bird feels lonely or abandoned in Nancy’s garden.

People visit her secret little backyard garden and get the chance to meet and praise her for the selfless act she has been conducting for many years. She continues to save more birds besides parrots and is doing everything in her power to learn about the creatures and all the information regarding taking care of the creatures and the environment best suited for them.

Butterfly and Nature Conservatory in Conch republic, Florida:

The Key West butterfly conservatory is home to many different species of butterflies, other insects and some animals such as the beautiful pink flamingos that decorate the lake inside the conservatory marvellously, adding to the beauty of the natural aura of the place. An acrylic combination of colours and shadows is exhibited in an area to relate with the beauty of the butterflies and show the significance of color with these beautiful winged creatures.

Over sixty species of butterflies soar through the sky, sit on flowers and grace the visitor’s eyes with their presence. It is truly a sight to behold. Anything that has wings is attracted to the nature conservatory and lives inside it. Its famous exhibit known as the “Wings of imagination” is a crowd favourite and supports renowned artists whose work is displayed in the conservatory.

Ghost hunting in Micronation, Conch Republic:

As already mentioned under the above title the ghost stories regarding the conch republic are famously known by the locals of the state and area. All types of haunted stories related to the state are in the knowledge of the citizens of Key West, everything from haunted romance and tragedy to stone-cold murder mysteries is part of the conch haunted tradition. The most famous one is “Robert the Doll” as already told previously.

A not-so-friendly saloon known as Tony’s Saloon is located in the vicinity and about it circulates the famous story of how a blue gown-wearing lady hung from the tree inside the bar still haunts the premises to this day. If you are one that takes great pleasure in mystery, myth, and haunted galore then this is the perfect side of the micronation for you to visit, explore and get to know.

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