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Best Places to Visit in the Conch Republic Key West

Known mostly for its subtropical climate Florida is the sunshine state famous for its harbours, delicious food, and serene beaches. Located in Florida is the micronation known as conch republic Key West which is known for its water sports, beautiful nightlife, beaches, pastel-conch style architecture, and its historic sites.

In this part, we will mention and discuss eleven of the best spots to visit around all of Key West places to visit all of which are listed below:

  • Ernst Hemmingway House & Cats

  • Climb the key west lighthouse

  • Sunset sailing cruise

  • The conch touring train

  • Local food places (specialties)

  • Fort Zach’s beach

  • Bar hopping Duval street

  • Mile marker zero

  • Harry S Truman Little Whitehouse

  • Dry Tortugas national park

  • Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum

All of the above-mentioned places and things to do around all of Key West are explained below:

1. Ernst Hemmingway House & Cats in Key West:

Built after the name of the famous and renowned author Ernst Hemmingway this house has been a tourist favorite of the conch republic Key West. People that visit Key West mostly rush to the house as their number one tourist location to visit in all of Key West. The house was built around 1851 while Hemmingway was still alive and living in it and after his death, it was designated as a historic place open for visitors in 1986.

2. Climbing the Key West Lighthouse:

The lighthouse consists of eighty-eight steps to climb up to it and the view from the very top is a beautiful sight to behold. It was built in 1848 but did not open till the nineteenth century with its first keeper being a lady. This fact itself was outstandingly rare at the time. But ever since it opened the lighthouse has been another tourist favourite to go all the way to the top and glance at the view.

3. Sunset sailing cruise around Key West:

Key West is famous for its beautiful, serene, and absolutely marvellously colourful sunsets and one of the best things to do around Key West is to book a sailing cruise and sail around Key West in the boat with a few drinks gazing at the sunset. The experience can be fulfilled both privately and on a party boat with a crowd.

4. The conch touring train in Key West, Florida:

Running through old town Key West the train is another popular tourist spot to visit. Once boarded on the train you are set on a seventy-five-minute train ride through which the engineers entertain you with conch historic stories and take you around to explore the area.

5. The local food places in conch Key West:

Like any other state of the country, Key West also has some outstanding food spots that are tremendously famous for the food they sell.

Some of which are:

· Cuban coffee queen

· The conch republic grill

· Schooner Wharf

· Bo’s fish wagon

· Louie’s backyard

6. Fort Zach’s Beach in Key West Conch republic:

Among the most famous beaches of Key West, this one is named after the famous and late US president Zachary Taylor. Built between 1845 and 1866 the fort is the living space for civil soldiers and other officials as well as a beautiful Key West beaches and parks for tourists to explore.

7. Bar hopping Duval street in Key West:

If you are ever craving the nightlife experience while in Key West then Duval Street is the best spot to visit and explore. The citizens of the conch itself are renowned for living their nights getting wasted and partying. Hence, if you ever want to join then this is the perfect nighttime venture spot for you.

8. Mile Markey Zero in Key West:

What the name of the spot refers to is the long Highway in the United States that comes to an end in Key West and is another spot where people visit to take a picture once during their visit. The spot is always crowded during the day which is when most visitors go to this spot with many people getting their perfect shot. The highway is two thousand three hundred and sixty-nine miles long.

9. Harry S Truman Little Whitehouse in Key West:

This is another house located in Key West that belonged to a former president known as William Taft which this house later became a vacation home to another late president known as Harry S Truman. Built in the 1890s ever since the death of Truman this house has become a tourist favorite. This house has been known to be graced by the presence of many other former presidents and is given the nickname of Presidential Museum situated in Key West, Florida.

10. Dry Tortugas National Park in Key West, Florida:

Key West, Florida is also famous for its coral reefs and outstanding sea life as well as the tropical beaches. The park was given its name in the sixteenth century by the late Ponce the Leon due to the large number of turtles found on the island. The best bit about the park is fort Jefferson that is built with numerous bricks in the shape of a hexagon. Tourists visit this spot for an adventure and are sure to spend the time of their life.

11. Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum located in Conch, Key West:

This is a shipwreck like a museum located in Key West that holds all the artifacts from previous Spanish slave ships from the seventeenth century. Artefacts from Ships such as the Henrietta Marie, Nuestra Señora de Atocha, Nimble, etc., are also available on the ship for tourists to explore. A show of how these items were preserved and found is also a part of the experience when visiting the shipwreck museum Key West.

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