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The Recreational Side of the Conch Republic

Every country or state is known and recognized according to its history and a part of history includes those traditions and changes that make the country or state unique from others. Recognizable for their name. For example, the fight for freedom any country puts up against one another created history and sets the standards according to which one country is distinguished from another.

This set of traditions creates value and uniqueness, they provide an understanding and insight of the key values that set the nation apart from another. In this same way, the republic of the conch is known uniquely for its own set of standards as well.

All of which are Listed and Discussed Below:

Why the Conch Republic Tradition is “an escape”:

As the history of the Conch Republic is already known, everything from the blockade to the decisions that lead the key west to be distinguished as a separate nation known for taking a stand against the unjust attempt at power and ignorance from the United States government.

The mayor at the time felt the dire need to take action by taking matters into his own hands and switching the situation at hand in favor of the keys. The desperation of the conch nation at the time led them to find any means that would bring back the peace they once owned. Which makes it evident that they were ready to make changes in any way possible.

Hence, why the meeting with the city council led to a final decision that allowed for the keys to finally find “an escape” by calling for freedom and independence.

What the Conchs do to Spend Recreational Time

From the “easy outlook on life” attitude of the conchs, one thing is evident which is that the citizens of the conch republic enjoy a more laid back and stress-free life. One that is easy to live, enjoyable, and does not require much effort to make happen.

Following are the activities the conch republicans involve themselves in to enjoy their time in the state:

  • They have beaches in Key West which the citizens visit to relax, surf, sail, read, sunbathe and or enjoy a heavenly time with family and friends.

  • Fish catching is another eventful time the conch republicans like to spend in the state.

  • For more nightly ventures the most common thing the conchs like to do for fun is visiting bars with friends and enjoying the night getting wasted.

These are only a few activities the conchs like to partake in. All of this makes it evident that their preferred time of enjoyment is one that requires the least bit of effort and is easier to spend. This is a part of the idea of fun for conch people.

Recreational Places Located in the Conch Republic for Tourists:

Like any other city or state, the conch republic or the Key West has also a selection of recreational spots worth visiting with family or friends.

Below is a list of recreational areas or places one must not miss when visiting the conch republic:

1. Ernst Hemmingway house and cats

2. The Key West lighthouse

3. Sailing and cruising are also possible in the state

4. The conch touring train

5. Local food places (specialties)

Such as:

Cuban coffee queen

The conch republic grill

Schooner Wharf

Bo’s fish wagon

Louie’s backyard

Conch republic Seafood Company etc.

6. Fort Zach’s beach

7. Bar hopping Duval street

8. Mile marker zero

9. Harry S Truman Little Whitehouse

10. Dry Tortugas national park

11. Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum

12. Mallory square sunset parties

13. First legal Rum distillery

14. Key West fantasy fest

15. Key West aquarium

16. Tropical forest and botanical garden

17. The historic seaport

18. Snorkeling or scuba diving

19. Fort east Martello museum & garden

20. Oldest house in Florida

21. Nancy Foresters secret garden

22. Butterfly and nature conservatory

23. Ghost hunting

The reason this list is so extensive for a tiny state such as the conch republic of the Key West is that this laid-back nation is known for its freedom-loving attitude which provides evidence to the fact that the nation enjoys its free time and providing these leisure time activities is their priority.

All of these places and ideas will be extensively discussed in another blog.

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