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Evaluation of Conch Republic: The Introduction

Why did the Conch Republic come into being?

Conch Republic came into being on the twenty-third of April 1982, when the people of the "conch republic key west" felt a line of blockade from the united states during the border patrol, the united states was keen to refuse the idea of declaring the city of key west as their own but as a foreign state, hence why the then-mayor Dennis Wardlow left the united union as a symbol of disrespect for the US.

Where is the Conch Republic situated?

The Conch Republic is situated in the Key West, hence fully titled as "conch republic key west" Florida, it is called a micronation as it’s a little city situated west to Florida. Now declared as a part of the US, its capital is "key west" and English is its official and national language. The currency used in the city is the "conch dollar" which is normal to any US dollar it just has a twist to its name, considering how much the nation had to suffer to receive the rightful rights it deserved.

How Tourism was Affected by the Patrol

Tourism however was highly affected, as these were only two road to the mainland any car passing through to enter Conch Republic was searched thoroughly for any illegal immigrate and vice versa. The then council members of the "conch republic key west" of Florida complained to the union about this issue and how much it affected the tourism back in the day of such awful patrol but all was in vain as none of their cries were heard and they knew if this kept going on the micro nation would lose its charm and would go into loss. It was due to this very reason and the ignorance of the US federal government that Conch Republic came into being, the unheard cries of the key west boiled anger in the hearts of the city council and hence they declared them self-independent on 23rd April 1982, this was easy for them to come forth as the US already called the keys' as a foreign nation so they thought to themselves why not become one either way.

The flag of Conch Republic

The flag of the conch Republic is quote to quote described as "a conch shell in a sunburst on a field of blue with ten stars scattered" 4 stars to the left and 5 to the right of the sunburst, with conch Republic written in white as a heading, the number 1982 on the top right of the sunburst and the words "key west" written on the left corner of the sunburst. The Conch Republic also has a national anthem written by Meri-Lynn Britz and Joe released in 1994.

Consistent Struggles of the Key West Residents

The city itself was declared to be named as the Conch Republic, this was supposed to serve as an act of protest against the United States on their unchanging actions towards the nation. This protest started solely because of the border patrol which was set up by the United States in attempts of blocking out any tourism and even causing problems for the residents living in the city back then.

Rights of the People of Conch Republic

As the united states kept refusing to declare the key west as a US state the people of the city felt the need to protest to gain their rightful respect, this historic event goes down in the history books as a legendary one even to this day the people of Conch Republic celebrate independence day on the 23rd of April.

Key Problem Faced by the Keys’

One main problem that the Florida keys suffered as there were only two main roads that connected them to the mainland hence you can already sense all the problems the keys' had to face, firstly the US was in denial of declaring them a part of the united states secondly all the then living residents were disrupted by the patrol and all the roadblocks, the now conch republic has a very historic background for coming into being

How the name “Conch Came into Being

The name conch came into being as the residents that lived in the key west were called conchs so later the nation was named the Conch Republic. This history-breaking event of secession caused a whole lot of havoc back then, the US was furious. The roadblocks were immediately removed and the city now is a hub for tourists and tourism is almost excellent.

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