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Mango Pie Recipe in Conch Republic Key West


Conch republic is all about food, drink, and adventure, spending vacations at conch republic key west is like discovering a new world with unique places and food. This key of the Florida state is prominent due to its eye-catching views, breathtaking sunset, and festivals that happen every month of the year. Conch republic key west is considered the land of historic culture and traditions, the San Carlos Institute and many other historical places of the key west is the worth watching decision for anyone visiting this island.

Now, talking about places, the food of this tropical island is mouth-watering, with fresh seafood and the iconic key lime pie, strawberry shortcake and raspberry rhubarb pie, and mango pie being the top list things of the key west. You can also get the authentic key lime pie as well as the healthy mini key lime pie that makes you feel like royalty with its taste. The Mango pie recipe stands out above all if you are a mango lover and here we have arranged a very easy recipe for you to make while on your stay at key west conch republic. Let’s dig down to get the recipe!

Mango Pie Recipe

First, you have to arrange all the ingredients that are necessary for the making of a mango pie recipe, let’s read the below list for making the best mango pie recipe for you and your loved ones. Here we go!

For the crust making:

  • Half cup of graham crackers (crushed)

  • Granulated sugar -⅓ cup

  • Melted butter -6 tablespoons

For the filling:

  • Egg yolks -4

  • Key lime juice -2 tablespoons

  • Condensed milk (sweetened) -1 Can

  • Mango puree (preferably fresh) -¾ cup

If you are wondering about how to make the mango puree, then take 2-3 mangoes and peeled and chopped them well, then blend this well until it turns out to be a smooth puree.

For the topping:

  • Heavy cream (cold) -2 cups

  • Granulated sugar -⅓ cup

  • Toasted coconut flakes (unsweetened) -1 cup

How to prepare it?

Here is the procedure for you how to prepare the mango pie;

First of all, preheat your oven to 350 Fahrenheit, and then stir the 12 layers of the graham crackers in the bowl, then add the mentioned quantity of butter and granulated sugar.

  • Mix all the ingredients well, and then take out the pan of 9 inches and spread the mixture on the bottom of the pan, bake this mixture in the oven for almost eight to ten minutes. Take it out when it gets light brown, take out your cooling rack and let it cool on it.

  • Set the temperature of your oven to 325 Fahrenheit, then take a large bowl and add egg yolks to it, and then beat it with the help of an electric hand blender, beat until it becomes pale yellow and fluffy thick.

  • Now, add the condensed milk to this mixture and start mixing it again, beat for almost two to three minutes and then add the key lime juice and the mango puree in it. Mix well.

  • Take the cooled brown crust and set it in the bowl, now spread the mixture on this crust evenly, now bake this for almost 30 minutes and then take it out. Now, take out this pie on the cooling rack and let it cool for almost one hour.

  • Now it's time for making the topping of the mango pie, take the cream and granulated sugar in the large bowl and beat it well for making the whipped cream. Now decorate your pie with a whipped cream layer and sprinkle all the toasted coconut on this.

Here’s the easiest recipe for mango pie for you to enjoy your stay at key west. Happy vacations!

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