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The Truth Behind the Beginning of the Conch Republic

As the general historical information about micronation of key west such as facts and figures has already been discussed and put down the focus more or so shifts to the truth behind the details that determine why the republic even needed to be formed in the first place. Questions like why? When? How? And why not? Are common in this genre of the history of the United States. Hence, here, we will expand more upon those facts and try to enlighten you as much as possible with the events that occurred and lead to the formation of the republic nation and why it still remains to this day as a nation.

The Unexpected Tribulations that are the Origin of the Conch Republic

This micronation is a self-formed society based on a dispute that took place at an unannounced time in history when it was least expected by anyone. The mayor at the time made the calculated decision of being recognized as a republic built all on its own, known completely for itself and not just another part of the United States that was fated to be controlled by higher officials that did not understand the importance of the Key West people and their requirements.

Hence, why did the events that took place happen in the way they did? Perhaps it was destined to be this way. The blockade, the dispute, the distrust all of it lead to something greater, something far more important.

Reasons as to why the blockade might have occurred:

Although nothing can be said for certain, the insight so far regarding close to the real truth behind the blockade has come out to be that the reason the border patrol had set up the blockade was to investigate any form of narcotics and any signs of unwanted or illegal immigrants trying to find their way into the nation.

As opposition, the people living in those areas known as the conch were very much against the entire concept and did not waste another second blinking before making the calculated yet sensitive decision of standing up to such oppression and making a name for themselves forever in history.

After-effects of the Blockade

Events that took place due to the blockade remain unforgettable. What happened was that after the border patrol took over and covered the area it resulted in a huge unmanageable traffic jam that became almost unbreakable. Since the road is one way this issue created an issue. As the only route to the key is by road the problem created by the blockade took another form, a form of dispute and frustration for those simply trying to get out and even for those trying to enter the state.

People with businesses in the area or surroundings started to feel frustrated, agitated, and angry for such unjust behavior and selfishly using the area and creating economic problems for them. This causes the mayor as well as the people to come together and decide the future of their nation themselves. To bring an end to the selfish injustice that was unbeneficial for the people at the time.

The Real Reason behind the Independence of the Conch Republic

So, as we are already aware, the disaffiliation took place in the year 1982 on the 23rd of April in the state of Key West in Florida, United States. As the disputes occurred, hate and discomfort grew in the hearts of the people affected by this blockade. Everyone was more than eager to be let out of the situation faster than someone can spell the word freedom. Everyone dreamed of it. With competent arguments to make the city council contact the federal government with hopes and pleas but much to their distress, their pleas were not even fully heard or paid attention to and outright ignored. This caused more outrage among the nation.

The then-mayor of the nation and city council then came together to declare independence. They wanted out of the situation that was causing them so much of their peace, land, and economy. They no longer felt the need to suffer to suffice for a process that benefited them in no way and did not even consider their circumstances or even take permission before entering and blocking. The need to make changes was felt strongly hence, the conch republic or key came to be an independent state having an identity of its own.

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