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10 Unknown Facts About Key West

Are you planning to visit the Florida key, key west? Do you want to know the interesting facts about Key West? Readout all the amazing fun facts below to know more about the micronation conch republic key west.

Key West is a wonderful vacation point for tourists from all around the world, because of its beautiful scenic views and landscape the key west stands out above all the Florida keys. The key west is lined by the Mexican Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico, ensuring endless pirate treasures and entertainment.

Brimming conch republic history, bars, restaurants, cafes, and many other amusing things surprise the visitors as well as the festivals happening every month showcase the culture and tradition of this micronation. So, are you ready to read the top ten unknown facts about key west? Let’s explore!

Top 10 Unknown Facts About Key West -Let’s Discover!

Here we are listing some unknown yet exciting facts about the key west.

Bone Island

The original name of the key west was Bone Island originating from the word Cayo Hueso, given by the Spanish settlers in the key west. The Spanish were amazed by the dizzying number of dispersed bones on the island. If you are in key west then you can visit and do the ghost tour of the old town to know more about the bone island.

Bone Island Key West

Locals are called conches

The local people living in the key west are being called conches, the backstory of this fact is before separation from the United States the US demanded the food tax which people of key west denied and chose to eat conches rather than pay tax. This is how, now people of key west are called as conches, the new resident living in the key west for 7 years is considered as the freshwater conch.

High Temperature

The temperature of the conch republic key west never dipped down to 41°F which means the lowest temperature in this place is 5 °C. Key West is one of the places in the United States where there is no snowfall or frost throughout the years.

Sunset Event

The Sunset event in the key west is a treat to the eyes, numerous locals and tourists gather at the Mallory Square to witness the sunset. Many singers and street performers entertain the people at that spot and the food stalls in that place are icing on the cake.

Seven Mile Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge constructed in 1938 showcases the beautiful and worth watching views as well as this bridge connects the key west with the mainland.

Seven Mile Bridge

Pan American Airways

Pan American Airways was originally founded in Key West in 1927, as this airway worked as the mail service courier between Havana and the conch republic key west.

Pan American Airways

Key Lime Festival

The major export of the Key west is key lime pie, the most grown and exported fruit of the key west. Tourists from all around the world visit this place to taste the key lime pie and other shots, and drinks made from it. Every year the key west holds a key lime pie festival that is still running, and restaurants take out their famous key lime pie and shoot in this festival.

Key Lime Festival

Six Toed cats

The other amazing thing in key west is the six-toed cats in Ernest Hemingway, in Ernest Hemingway the six-toed cats are the descendants of the cat snow white which is also known as the polydactyl kitty.

Six Toed Cats

Conch Shell Drop

At the start of every new year, the famous bar Sloppy Joe hosts a party where they drop the conch shell from the roof as a better way to welcome the new year in the key west.

Conch Shell Drop

Roosters War

If you are visiting the Conch republic key west you will see plenty of roosters and hens roaming around the street of the key west. The roosters' fights are the iconic and most fun thing to witness in the key west, however, the rooster in key west is symbolized as it brings wealth, hope, and good luck.

Rooster In Key West

Conch republic key west is the best recreational vacation spot for all the people around the world. Many exciting and amusing things are waiting for you if you are planning to visit the conch republic key west.

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