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An Extended Note about the Branches of the Military of the Conch Republic


As mentioned previously conch republics naval force is its asset but the micronation's military services are not limited at all. They have their own version of each and every important part of the armed forces necessary for a good and strong nation.

As a result of the border patrol incident that led the republicans to make the final decision that led to making the right choice and defending its stance that was damaging Key West’s reputation with its tourists and visitors.

These initial and both final circumstances led the Key West 1982 incident to take place as a result of which the conch republic navy was born and with time other necessary military adjustments were made as well such as:

The Conch Republic Army

The Conch Republic Air Force

The Conch Republic Cuties in Action (CIA)

  • 82nd Auborne

The Conch Republic Coast guard

The Conch Republic K-9 Unit

The Conch Republic Marine Arm

The Conch Republic Naval Reserve

The Conch Republic Navy

These are all the branches of the micronation's military, the republic's safeguard and this fact and development alone makes this nation as strong as others.

Keep on reading to unleash more information.

The Conch Republic Army

The Conch Republic army is an all-volunteer group where the supreme power is held by the Navy as it is the largest asset and main focus of the Conch republic military due to high authority over water areas as compared to lands. Fort Taylor was declared army headquarters in the year 2006.

The army weaponry (that is known) includes:

  • 3-inch ordnance rifle

  • 1.5-inch smooth bore cannon

  • A Coehorn Siege Mortar

  • Various seacoast canons

  • And a weapon is known as: “seven sisters”


The Conch Republic Air Force


The conch republic Navy also supports a naval air station where there are kept several aircraft that serve the micronation military from the skies. It keeps the republic safe by means of the sky. Checking for any invaders or other trouble day in and day out.

Its pilots, both men, and women of tremendous abilities work together to do their best to serve the Key West from the above.

Their slogan reads:

“From Key to Shining Key”

The Conch Republic Cuties in Action (CIA)

The Conch Republic CIA which stands for

“Cuties in Action”

It is a group of women from all walks of life that help each other in various pursuits of life, everything from having fun, independence, companionship and consummation. This system of the cuties in action started in the late 2005.

This group of women that are mostly related from the military work together to make all celebrations worthwhile for the ladies of the military and other officials of the micronation.


A part of which is the:

  • 82nd Auborne

The Conch Republic Coast Guard


The Florida Keys coast guard is the maritime safeguard organisation of any country or in America’s case of any state that protects it against enemy fleets. The conch republic coast guard embraces a large variety of responsibilities that help the nation in any way required. It is a department of homeland security.

The Conch Republic K-9 Unit


The Key West military comes no short from any other armed force of the world and as a result has its own police dog unit known as the K-9 unit. An army of canine dogs that help in the safeguard and protection of the nation.

The Conch Republic Marine Arm


The republic's marine army is dedicated to its naval forces and helps in all sorts of organisational work and requirements.

It even handles all the cleaning and maintenance work of the ships, fleets as well as the maritime habitat that is crucial and quite important for marine action when needed.

The Conch Republic Naval Reserve

The micronation has its own sailor citizens that most definitely relate to the republic's navy and army. The naval reserve has been a part of the United States from 1951 to 2005.

The different sectors of the naval reserve of the United States (USNR) include:

  • Reserve Component (RC)

  • Selected Reserve (SELLERS)

  • Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

  • Full-Time Support (FTS)

  • Or The Retired Reserve Program

The total number of personnel is 59,152 a part of which is inclusive of the conch republic as well.

The Conch Republic Navy

On April 23rd, the year 1982 the conch republic navy came into being. It was started by John Krause. The need for a navy was felt heavily when Johns Schooner western UNION attacked the coast guard of the United States in Key West Harbour out of nowhere. This alarming situation became the reason behind the immediate need for a naval military force that serves the Florida Keys till the present day.

Under First Sea Lord Change Wolf to Western Union in the Conch Republic

Mayor Wilhelmina was appointed the admiral and First Sea Lord of the Florida Key West.

In November 1948 the pristine and brand new Schooner WOLF commanded under the ownership of Captain Finbar Gittelman was found to have been sold and sent all the way north

Motto of the Conch Republic Military

Honour, respect, integrity, taking action, freedom, fighting for the right thing and other important values are what add to the CRN military and the attributes they best strive to shine for. Their motto states:

“Doing the right thing at the right time”

The republic has its outposts spread throughout all of the states and cities in the United States of America.

Defending the Keys from Key to Shining Key

As we are already aware of the conch republic's flag history and know of all the factors that contribute to the freedom and separation of the nation from the state and have an identity of its own. Hence, the military is a huge reason behind the current existence and healthy stance of the nation that produces great results and provides major authority to the citizens of Key West which concludes the term of defending the state from being just key to shining key.



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