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A Detailed Note about the Conch Republic Military Forces

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

The republic of the Conch most definitely has an advanced and well-maintained military base that ensures keeping the recreation of the Great sea battle of the year 1982 as well as the retrieval of Fort Jefferson. Not only does the micronation support a great military but the best part is that it supports all three forms of the military which are:

  • Army

  • Navy

  • Airforce

The republic comprises all three aspects and portions of the military. The nation has its own navy and air force as well as a heavily trained army that serves the state wholeheartedly.

Further, we will take a dive into the information regarding the micronation Key West military and its duties as well as other insight.

The Conch Republic Key West Military: The Army

As we are already aware of the beginning and reason behind the birth and development of the conch republic. The blockade, the battle, the commitment, and the right to freedom. These were all the demands and rights of the conchs. Like many other nations, the micronation also came into being as a result of hardship and trouble.

After the blockade happened the media started to spread the news of it around all of United States which stopped many tourists and visitors from making their visits and thus resulted in great economic downfall for the Keys which angered them to the point that they felt the dire need to raise their voice for freedom while taking all the right and calculated steps necessary. There was no competition when it came to making the decision. And the trouble it took towards freedom was fought hands-on and headstrong by the mayor, other officials as well as tremendous participation from the nationals themselves. The mayor was not frightened in the least instead his remarks were:

"We will go home and secede"

This caused much uproar among the media but the conchs were steady in their chill stance and were not ready to budge.

While reading this one much not remain under the impression that the fight for freedom from the blockade by the conchs was a form of revolt against the United States instead it should be viewed as an outburst of emotional activities due to not being taken seriously as a nation at the time. The events surrounding the US coast guard were just a grasped opportunity that was fit for the time that was going on and a calculated approach towards the events that were unfolding at the time. The protest was necessary to save the future of the Florida Keys. The US coast guard relations with the Key West military will always remain friendly. Their military is a dignified asset to the nation and will always remain so.

The Conch Republic army is an all-volunteer group where the supreme power is held by the Navy as it is the largest asset and main focus of the Conch republic military due to high authority over water areas as compared to lands. Fort Taylor was declared army headquarters in the year 2006.

Below is an image of the fort:

The army weaponry (that is known) includes:

  • 3-inch ordinance rifle

  • 1.5-inch smooth bore canon

  • A Coehorn Siege Mortar

  • Various seacoast canons

  • And a weapon is known as “seven sisters”

The official weaponry list is not classified and remains unknown but these are the weapons expected to be among those used at the Fort for safety purposes and a battle if needed.

The Conch Republic Key West Military: The Naval Forces

On April 23rd, the year 1982 the conch republic navy came into being. It was started by John Krause. The need for a navy was felt heavily when Johns Schooner western UNION attacked the coast guard of the United States in Key West Harbor out of nowhere. This alarming situation became the reason behind the immediate need for a naval military force that serves the Florida Keys till the present day.

The name of the first captain of the conch navy is Bill Wickers, right beside him Wilhelmina Harvey was appointed the first Admiral who was given the title of the:

First Sea Lord

The Schooner WOLF was later sold and sent north in the year 1984. When the Great Battle took place after the year 1985 the WOLF had many parts in defending the republic from the harbor. The attendance of the ship lead the conchs straight to victory which was later celebrated grandly.

This is an image of Captain Finbarr Gittleman.

After the death of Admiral Harvey, Captain Finbarr Gittleman was appointed the new admiral of the navy. The need for a vice admiral was felt for which role Captain Reef Perkins known as the king of the Key West Wreckers was given the role. In this way, new First and Second Sea Lords were updated. Reef kept the navy going till 2009 after which a new man was appointed the same role. Frank Holden who was rear admiral before was updated to the vice-admiral and third sea lord after Reef retired. Other more important names also fir the naval picture of conch republic such as:

  • Vice-admiral Sir Peter Anderson

  • Rear admiral Marci McNamara

  • Rear admiral Bill Grosscup

  • Rear admiral Bill Verge

These are all honorable mentions among others that came and went serving the conch republic navy.

The new and present plans of the conch republic involve the construction of the fleet's first aircraft carrier that will be known as:

Dennis J Wardlow

The micronation military is currently selling CRN PEACE BONDS to help raise funds for the building of such a fleet.

The Conch Republic Key West Military: The Airforce

The conch republic Navy also supports a naval air station where there are kept several aircraft that serve the micronation military from the skies. It keeps the republic safe by means of the sky. Checking for any invaders or other trouble day in and day out.

Its pilots, both men, and women of tremendous abilities work together to do their best to serve the Key West from the above.

Their slogan reads:

“From Key to Shinning Key”

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