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Brief Intro About Key Lime Of Key West


Key lime is one of the citrus fruit types present in the southeast part of Asia and has been introduced in North Africa and many other countries. Florida is situated on the southeastern side of the United State and is lined by the boundary of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Florid is the most overcrowded state with numerous keys called ‘Florida Keys’. Key West is one of the Florida keys that is famous for its beautiful scenery, a center of attraction for tourists as well this key has seafood and many other resorts and Cuba.

Key West is situated near California, just like much other seafood Florida key is also famous due to its iconic key lime, and as this citrus fruit is used for making many kinds of the food item. Are you curious about living the key lime life? Is key lime a special citrus fruit? Is key lime pie a dessert made of key lime? Do you want to know about Mexican lime? Cool, we have arranged all the necessary details about it, so without any delay read out all the below information. But, wait! Before reading about this take a look at the history of the key lime.

What’s the history of key lime?

The key lime was first discovered in one of the United States, Florida, and a horticulturist Henry Perrine proposed the key lime citrus fruit in the Florida state. In the middle of the 19th century, Mexican lime was more in demand than the lemons in California. The history behind lime is when the cold weather destroyed all the lemons, then the farmers decided not to plant lime instead of the lemon.

There are many types of lime discovered after the key lime but Persian lime is most known after the key lime and is produced widely in the world. People visiting the conch republic key west love to eat key west key lime pie and many other food items drink made of key lime.

However, key lime is also the most iconic and famous thing about the key west, so the people of the conch republic key west have started the festival in the name of key lime -key lime festival. At this festival, the native usually prepare different kinds of food, dessert, drinks and many other things made of key lime, as well this festival is celebrated on the 4th July of every year.

Key Lime Festival

What do you know about the key lime of key west?

Key lime is the most famous citrus fruit of the key west and is also known as the Omani lime, Persian lime, Mexican lime, and sometimes people also called it key lime pie key west. Key lime citrus fruit is usually used in making delicious drinks and people visiting key west love to taste the key lime pie shot a sweet-sour taste. Key lime pie shooter is the most renowned drink on the key lime festival that is celebrated on the weekend of every 4th July every year.

If you are visiting key west then do proper research about getting key lime pie with shots as well you can search key lime pie near me and people who are vegetarian would surely love to taste the vegan key lime pie. Key lime pie strain is mostly used for adding in the food item made at the festival or as well it adds more flavor and specific aroma to the food made by the key lime.

If you are looking for the best key lime pie in key west then you can stop your search and go to Kermit's key lime pie shop as it does offer no-bake key lime pie, key lime pie kit kat, and key lime pie martini.


Moreover, Steve's key lime pie is also a delicious place for satisfying your key lime pie craving as this offers kit kat key lime pie, key lime pie shots, gluten-free key lime pie, and key lime pie yogurt.


Also, Nellie and joe's key lime pie is a great place to visit, people usually love to visit it because of its wide variety of key lime desserts like sugar-free key lime pie, key lime pie m&m, and frozen key lime pie.


Can you freeze key lime pie?

Yes, you can freeze the key lime pie even after the baking but make sure to freeze the key lime pie in the air-tight box or better to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Store the key lime pie in the plastic bag made especially for keeping the item to store.

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