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A Number of Free Things to Do When Visiting the Conch Republic

In this portion, we will be discussing the various things to buy or do free of cost in the conch republic. Yes, that is right. Absolutely free! Visiting these places or purchasing free stuff is absolutely doable, especially for visitors on a tight budget. As there are spots and places that one can enjoy easily without the worry of having to spend cash on extra things like an entry ticket all the while they can enjoy and the most they will spend would be on food or refreshments.

Below is a brief description and information regarding these cheap to completely free areas located in the Key West.

Avail the conch republic merchandise for free

Yes, that title is very much correct. You can absolutely visit the republic and get your hands on free of cost merchandise such as:

The conch republic flag

The conch republic tee-shirtsThe conch republic mugs


Shirts with the flag printed on them

Tee-shirts with the republics logo

Shirts with the nations motto printed on them

All these things and much more can be accessed easily when you are in the Florida Keys for totally free. How? You may ask yourself. Well, the answer is easy, for a micronation with a growing name it benefits the citizens and vendors greatly that they uplift the spirits of the nations and create friendly relations with the visitors or tourists by making advancements such as handing out free merchandise that one can take home with them and later help spread the name of the nation as well as bring in more potential visitors that can help them grow even more! Like a gesture of goodwill and not to forget these types of arrangements excite the youth tremendously and they do their best to partake by snapping shots and posting them online to show the world where they have been and what they have been doing.

This can be counted as a straight strategy that can be advantageous for any nation working to grow its name and repute. The free merchandise serves as a souvenir that once acquired by a person can rake in more attention. This is very much equivalent to a positive marketing strategy. And helps build a better repute of the nation to the outside world. This gesture creates perception and gives the idea of friendly potential, care as well as need for attention. You can raise conch republic flag high and mighty outside of your residence or take it home as a souvenir if you are a tourist with fond memories.

Places to visit and things to do inside the conch republic for free

A number of things can be done around the republic and numerous places can be visited for recreation and as well as a fun time. Now this counts for both categories such as a free public place to visit for everyone be it tourist or a local or a paid trip to anywhere around the micronation.

Although here we will only be discussing the places and things that are free of cost, in another discussion you can find information relevant to the most exquisite and awe worthy places to visit around Key West that leave an everlasting imprint on the memories of your visit.

Hence, mentioned below are a number of places you can visit around the republic for free:

Take a tour of the Key West rum distillery


As already discussed a few times before the renowned chef who goes by the name Paul Menta is known to have started the republics very own rum distillery that is open from 11 am to 6pm five days of the week where you can visit and even taste test the rum in process. Not only this, you can also provide the staff present there with feedback on the beverage.

Visit a Local Beach for Relaxation


Although there are paid beaches as well as resorts on the tropical republic of the conch there are also free beaches that are open 24/7 for locals as well as visitors to take the time of day to sunbathe, tan, take a swim, surf, a beach picnic and a number of other things one can do at the beach for fun.

Snap a shot at the US 1 mile marker 0


The Us 1 mile marker 0 is an end to a long highway of the United States that is situated in Key West. People, especially tourists, often visit the marker by taking a long walk or run a marathon, reach the end and take a picture with the marker. This is a famous activity that is carried out by the locals as well.

Take a leisure walk down Duval Street


Duval Street is known as the most famous street of the republic. It is a famous tourist spot renowned for its restaurants, bars following the nightlife that exists in the Key West conch republic. You can simply explore the street, get free souvenirs, and walk in stores to explore, window shop as well as eat. The only part here that might require money is the eating as the street is visited by most people looking to find a nice spot to eat at as well as enjoy the view and the chill ambiance of the area.

Become a part of the sunset celebration that takes place in Mallory Square


There is a famous celebration that takes place in Mallory Square situated in the micronation Key West. People go there early in the afternoon to enjoy other activities that take place at the square then stick around till the sunset which is celebrated with a number of fun activities that involve magicians, musicians, comedians, artists, vendors and people that perform stunts. The fun is brought to an end by a beautiful sunset that happens once all the fun has taken place, a moment of quiet and bliss occurs after which everyone proceeds with whatever else they might be doing. The sunsets in the republic are an absolutely beautiful sight worth experience especially since nature is both beautiful and FREE!

Hence, these are a few of the things that one can become part of when running under a budget in the conch republic. All the activities are just as fun and free of cost. Making the experience of those partaking fully serene and unforgettable.

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