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A Short Note on the Key Lime Pie and Aunt Sally


As we are already aware of the history of the conch republic and the key lime pie. A sweet and delicious citrus dessert that is refreshing and rejuvenating for the soul is the emblem and identity of the Florida Keys. It is a huge part of the definition of the state. We all know the pie originates from the state but not many are aware of the backstory behind the pie. All the initial and ongoing details that made the dessert happen are discussed down below. Everything you need to know about the Key lime pie is added in the form of a short note down below.

What is the key lime Pie?

A crusted dessert with creamy pie filling topped with meringue and lime wedges (can be decorated however you like, maybe served with fresh whipped cream). This is the dessert of most if not all Floridian dreams.

Below is a graphical illustration of the fruity dessert.

A lot of visitors enjoy the key lime pie Key West as much as they can, they take home with them the mixture bought from the local stores and shops as well as bakeries, to take a feel for the dessert in their own cities or countries they call home.

The recipe of the citrusy dessert is simple and straightforward, a mix of condensed milk, eggs, butter, biscuits, and limes is all it takes to create the most delicious tangy and refreshing pie of all time.

The Person who invented the Legendary Dessert: Aunt Sally’s Key Lime Pie

Credit must be given where it is due. If you have ever heard or believed that someone else should be given the title of the inventor of the lime pie other than Aunt Sally then you have been believing a lie. Because all accounts confirm that all the credits regarding the invention and production of this dessert belong to the infamous Sally. Known famously as “Aunt Sally”.

Now the true origin is confirmed, about how the pie came to be recognized or known however, the fact relating to the information of whether aunt sally herself was the one who first made the dessert or adapted it from someone else is still quite unclear and since no official record or data is stored the credit still all goes to sally for making the recipe known.

Back in the 1800s a rich man who lives in a revive style home or mansion with his wife and a kid had the original story of Aunt Sally’s key lime pie on his mansion wall. The kitchen of the mansion is where the recipe was hung. The mansion is famously known as the Curry Mansion and is located in none other than the State of Florida.

A famous thing of the eighteen hundreds is that fishermen back in the day used to fish all day long and store most of their day’s food on their boats as well. Most fishermen had milk cans, eggs, and limes at their disposal as food on their boats. Many believe that the recipe originates from a fisherman that sally bought to light by writing down but a fact that one cannot get behind is that you would hardly believe someone would whip anything on a boat amidst fishing. It just does not make sense. Especially for a professional fisherman who must be busy all day catching fish.

Limes come to the Florida Keys straight for another country consisting of islands known as Malaysia. An unfortunate event known as the 1926 hurricane took place in Malaysia that made Key Limes scarce. They were completely whipped out. Hence, now the “original key limes” come in from Persia. Although they cannot be considered real key limes they are still being used and considered just as good in this day and age.

The original and traditional recipe is now easily and quite creatively tempered by chefs and restaurant owners in this day and age. Chefs from all over the world have mastered their own versions and types of the pie. Check out our page to find out the best places that sell the key lime pie in the Key West region. All the restaurants and cafes are listed on the website for you to avail as much information as required.

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