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An insider’s Conduct on the Key West 2022

Even though the Florida Keys is at the very end of the list of states included in the United States of America. We will be discussing all the recreational sports in the micronation, the tourist activities, and all the annual events and not forget the beaches but before that let us discuss a little bit about the history of the conch republic and its origin.

The History of the Conch Republic


As it is already known the state of Florida is one huge island with its tropical breeze, port, and endless amount of beaches. It also has its own harbor used for trading and cruising as well as fishing and other businesses. The micronation is known as the Key West conch Republic of the United States of America. Its industry is a major part of the island, things such as manufacturing of salt, making of tobacco and fishing, etc. The micronation came into being as the result of a blockade that stopped tourist attraction for a while due to which the locals felt the need to take action which resulted in the conch republic coming into being.

The Florida Keys as a Tourist Attraction


The state of Florida has been a huge tourist attraction for decades now. People from all over the world visit the state to enjoy the sandy beaches, exciting and exquisite nightlife and become a part of the traditions for as long as they visit. Over two million people visit the republic every year to take part in the fun.

Places to visit and things to do in the Key West, Florida

Here are a number of recreational places you can visit on your venture and what you can do there when visiting.

1. The conch touring train in Key West, Florida:

Running through old town Key West the train is another popular tourist spot to visit. Once boarded on the train you are set on a seventy-five-minute train ride through which the engineers entertain you with conch historic stories and take you around to explore the area.

2. Fort Zach’s Beach in Key West Conch republic:

Among the most famous beaches of Key West, this one is named after the famous and late US president Zachary Taylor. Built between 1845 and 1866 the fort is the living space for civil soldiers and other officials as well as a beautiful beach and park for tourists to explore.

3. Bar hopping Duval street in Key West:

If you are ever craving the nightlife experience while in Key West then Duval Street is the best spot to visit and explore. The citizens of the conch itself are renowned for living their nights getting wasted and partying. Hence, if you ever want to join then this is the perfect nighttime venture spot for you.

4. Mile Markey Zero in Key West:

What the name of the spot refers to is the long Highway in the United States that comes to an end in Key West and is another spot where people visit to take a picture once during their visit. The spot is always crowded during the day which is when most visitors go to this spot with many people getting their perfect shot. The highway is two thousand three hundred and sixty-nine miles long.

5. The local food places in conch Key West:

Like any other state of the country, the Key West also has some outstanding food spots that are tremendously famous for the food they sell.

Some of which are:

  • Cuban coffee queen

  • The conch republic grill

  • Schooner Wharf

  • Bo’s fish wagon

  • Louie’s backyard

  • Conch republic Seafood Company etc.

6. The Key West Aquarium:

The aquarium located in Key West is unlike most aquariums you must have seen or visited. It is home to much sea life like fishes, sea horses, and species such as Alligators and turtles, etc.

There is a special tank area that allows for the kids to touch these species under controlled circumstances and an overall safe plus learning environment that allows for the kids and adults both to enjoy a chill time.

7. The historic Sea Port of the Conch Micronation:

The micronation marina is full of human and sea life as well as docks covered with boats and yachts. An entire seaport is a beautiful place, always glimmering from the sun hitting the water and the people decorating the port with their presence.

It is filled with stores for shopping, food places, souvenir stores where you can purchase merchandise like the conch republic shirts, hats, and the conch republic flag. You can even ride the yachts and boats to go sailing or catch fish. It is always a pleasant time at the dock.

8. Snorkeling or scuba diving in Key West Conch Republic:

Considering the type of tropical state that Florida is known to be activities such as scuba diving are taken seriously over here. One of the famous scuba diving spots located right next to the Key West you will find the Florida Keys national marine sanctuary.

Snorkeling is also another famous activity performed in this sanctuary which makes it the perfect spot. For this activity, you will need to book a private boat as it cannot be done directly from the beach.

9. First legal Rum distillery in Key West, Florida:

Known originally for being a restaurant called Jack’s Saloon this place transitioned into a rum distillery in the nineteen hundreds. Their most famous items on the menu include rum as the key ingredient of which the rum cake is the most loved by the customers.

10. The Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden:

Situated in stock Island Key West and covering about sixty-three hectares of land, The tropical and botanical garden that started in 1936 is the only garden in all of the United States that is completely frost-free and famously visited for its renowned green trees and beautiful tropical vibe

It is also given the nickname of:

“Keeper of trees”

Hence, these are all the activities you can partake in both as a visitor and a local. You can even take food tours and cruise on ships or simply take a feel for the tropical traditions of the Republicans.


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