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Best Culinary Seafood Dishes Sold in the Conch Republic

The conch republic is known to have occurred and the chance happened due to a blockade that occurred in April of 1982. After which the nation felt the need to fight for freedom. A micronation was born. The nation has its own production of things and the good of which seafood is also a part. The nation is also known to have its own military, food specialties, festivals, and brand.


When it comes to food the conchs do not compromise. Its key lime pie and conch fritters are two of the most famous food in the nation. Considering the republic is a tropical nation one cannot dare and miss out on the Key West Seafood. Some of the best seafood in all of Florida or dare we say the whole of the United States is sold in the Florida Keys.

Let us talk about the seafood menu you can avail when in the conch republic. If you are a seafood lover then this menu will excite you for sure!

Sesame Crusted Tuna Tatak

sesame Crusted Tuna Tatak

Crispy tuna marinated with vinegar with a kick of wasabi, with an additional lime ponzu with a side of seaweed salad tossed with key lime and wonton strips.

Smoked Fish Dip


Grilled fish with a smoky kick with a blend of the finest spices and herbs, with a side of traditional crackers, topped with jalapenos.

Coconut Shrimp


Coconut shrimp is an all-time favorite, Hand-dipped shrimp in a flaky and delicious coconut outer coating. Fried to perfection with a crispy golden finish served with chili aioli.

Baked Oysters Callaloo

Fresh oysters baked to perfection with a delicious filling made with braised callaloo and a block of all-time favorite parmesan cheese served with a side of garlic aioli.

Stuffed Mushrooms Martinique

This stuffed mushroom Martinique is a game-changer, mushroom bowls filled with tender and juicy crab filling served with a side of Boursin cheese and a creamy sauce.

Key West Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are the table’s favorite, these Key West crab cakes are served with roasted bell peppers and a mix of herby salad drizzled with fresh garlic aioli, the taste is just perfection.

Here is the soup and salad menu consisting of fresh conch catch.

Conch Chowder

Made with fresh conch and Bahamian-based tomatoes with various herbs, a concentrated amount of spice (that can be tweaked), and potatoes this chowder is a former MasterChef winner.

Lobster Bisque

White and creamy lobster bisque blended and smoothed out to perfection providing the perfect and tasteful sip and swallow.

Local Fresh Catch of the Day

Whatever the specialty seafood of the day prepared just the way you like it, seared on the pan-fried in oil or butter served with fresh vegetables with a side of crispy & golden fries.

Here is the classic menu straight from the grill, all seafood!

Filet Mignon Cut in the Center

A center cut of filet topped with seasoned butter and served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

And lastly is the list of entre seafood menu items.

Fried Shrimp Platter


Fried shrimp platter offers a variety of options for the table, this platter comes with a crispy fresh fried to perfection shrimp, dipped in tempura batter served with buffalo sauce and as per the choice of the customer jerk, bbq and so much more and of course served with fresh crispy fries and fresh coleslaw.

Coriander Crusted Tuna


Fresh and packed crusted tuna marinated in soy sauce, honey, and gorgeous ginger glaze with a serve of island slaw. Comes with a side of mashed potatoes and bok choy.

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp


Double seafood option, this award-winning dish is a blend of huge shrimps with a mix of lump crab mixture wrapped in smoked bacon and topped with a glaze and salsa. With a side of fresh veggies and white rice.

Lobster Tail


Lobster is always a chef’s kiss, this lobster tail dish is served with white steamed rice and fresh veggies, and the lobster is steamed and marinated in its own juice cooked to perfection.

St. Kitts Pasta


This creamy dish is a blend of grilled smoked shrimp with a mixture of stuffed crab side of spinach and ravioli, baby tomatoes sundried to perfection, parmesan cheese to top it all off it comes with a creamy sauce topped with a lemony sauce.

Hence, these are all the menu items consisting of exclusive Key West Seafood. Restaurants all over the republic have special seafood menu items, it is a must. Fresh catch of the day is an anoter must-have on menu items in restaurants and cafes.

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