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Birth Of Conch Republic Key West

Birth Of Conch Republic Key West

The most crowded yet the most popular key of the Florida state -conch republic key west is located on the southeastern side of California. This beautiful micronation conch republic is lined with the blue water of the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The micronation key west conch republic consists of about 8 miles of square regions in the middle of Florida, this key is prominent because of its attractive places and festive events.

Conch republic is till now the best destination point for all the tourists around the world, and because of its rich art and culture with interesting history, this place is always filled with tourists. Songwriter festival, key lime pie festival, and many other fun activities in conch republic make this micronation an amazing island for having fun. The citizens of the independent micronation key west hold dual citizenship, one of the United States and the other is of the conch republic key west. People of key west must have a United States passport to travel outside the US.

Keep reading to know about the legendary on-minute war that leads to the birth of the conch republic key west.

Birth Of Conch Republic Key West -One-Minute War

This war took place in one of the 1700 Florida keys, key west, the tropical island lined at the south side of California, that lasted for one minute then the birth of the conch republic key west took place. How? Let’s unwrap this mystery.

In the year 1982, the United States, America, won the world’s shortest war that did not last long for even one minute. Though no one was hurt and this war went unnoticed by the world, it led to the founding of the micronation conch republic key west. All this was started with a widening rift as well the key west felt cut off from the United States as the mainland had never taken the problems of this tropical island into consideration.

It became more clear when the United States border force decided the roadblock on the exclusive highway leading to and out of Key West. The locals of the key west had to go through all the checkups of vehicles via grumpy police which made the conch republic residents furious and unhappy.

This act of blockade made the mayor of all the Florida keys, especially the key west mayor, Dennis Wardlow, the Florida keys were treated as a foreign state. After the rejection of the plea, Dennis Wardlow declared the secession and the war between the key west and the United States started that lasted for only one minute when the key west mayor threw the stable Cuban bread at an American officer. After all this, the micronation asked for the billion dollars of aid from abroad that was denied. But this incident alarmed the Americans and so the siege was abruptly withdrawn.

The micronation key west has shown the world a true story of self-rule and independence, even in 1995, the peace of the key west conch republic was disturbed when the US decided to encamp the US army for training, the key west took this decision as foreign invasion and acted quickly accordingly. The conch republic navy sprayed the water and hurled the US army with stable Cuban bread which led to an immediate retreat by the US army. Now, both the United States and Key West are at peace and respect the rights and vision of each other.

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