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Difference Between Key Lime And Regular Lime

Have you ever seen a key lime and wondered if it was a key lime or simply a regular lime? Have you ever wondered what separates key limes from other types of limes?

It comes out like key lime and limes differ significantly from one another despite the fact that many people choose to be using these terms interchangeably, and there are vast differences between both in terms of their appearance, taste, and juiciness. Key lime mainly originated from the Florida key, key west, and is somehow different from the regular lime.

Here are a few things that make the key lime and regular lime different from each other. Let's explore but before it read what the key lime and regular lime are.

What is key lime?

Key lime is also known as Mexican lime, the key lime is small in size and is typically grown in the Florida keys, especially key west. Key lime is pale yellow in color and has comparatively more seeds than the typical regular lime.

However, storing the key lime is somehow difficult because of the key lime's thin skin. Key lime is usable within two days otherwise it will rot and taste bad, the key lime juice is highly valued for its tartness and strong aroma. The key lime is used in many recipes, especially in the iconic key lime pie, the famous and delicious dessert of the conch republic key west.

If you want to know how to make the key lime pie dessert then check out the ways to make the key lime pie as well as if you are on diet then here we have the healthy key lime pie recipe for you.

What is regular lime?

The regular lime is known as the Persian lime, the typical lime that you can buy at any supermarket or local store, the regular lime is oval and larger in shape and is of green color. However, the lime is less strong and tarter than the key lime and is easy to store for a month due to its thick skin.

The Persian lime does not have any strong aroma and is more acidic and sour in flavor as compared to the key lime. The lime juice and zest enhance the taste in savory dishes like salad, carnitas, and many other dishes basically can be used as a replaceable option for vinegar.

Key Lime vs Lime -Final Words

Whether you are trying to make a key lime pie or any drink with key lime or lime, the distinction between both is important. The dishes and drinks will turn out best if you know which lime is used for that specific dish.

A key lime will undoubtedly offer a higher level of flavor than the typical lime, as it gives better taste and rich flavor. It is safe to say that key lime seems to be quite worthy of your time if you are planning to use it in your daily life.

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