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Festival Calendar Of Key West


Micronation in Florida the conch republic key west is smaller but the beautiful island of about 8 square miles is surrounded by the enchanting and magical sceneries of nature. This breathtaking land is a prominent visiting island for all the tourists of the world, as well as the conches people love to take part in the traditional and cultural festivals of the key west.

The key west is the independent micronation in Florida and has its own conch republic passport, also the conches hold bilingual citizenship one is of the United States and the other is of key West. In 1982 key west conch republic appeared as the independent micronation in Florida and has its own flag.

Key West is well known because of its fresh seafood restaurants, delicious desserts, and a lot of other fun things that make the one weekend or vacation super amazing. Key west festivals make this island the most preferred vacation destination for all the people around the world.

Do you want to know about the festival calendar of key west? What are the upcoming festivals of key west this year? Let’s dig down to find out about the yearly festival calendar of the key west.

Festival Calendar Of Key West -Let’s Explore!

Want to have entertaining and memorable vacations? Key West is the best option for you, this island is famous due to its full-packed culture and traditions. This beautiful place welcomes all the tourists and people who want to escape from the busy routines and polluted cities. Let’s discover all the festivals that happen in the micronation conch republic celebrations throughout the year.

  • Mystery Fest

This festival happens every June of the year and is famous due to its marvelous book fair, basically a celebration of all the top-rated crime experts, famous authors, mystery writers, and genre fans. This mystery festival is resented by well-known people and many prominent guests are invited to this festival for the literature discussion.

Mystery Fest

  • Seven Mile Bridge Run

This festival is a feast for the fitness freak or any other person who likes cardio because this festival is fun-filled as the people have to run and cover the seven miles. People have to wear the festival logo shirt or conch republic t-shirt, as well this festival doesn’t include and many medical stalls are placed on the way to this marathon festival. This exciting festival happens in the April month of every year at Hwy, Marathon, Florida.

Seven Mile Bridge Run

  • Hemingway Days

Visiting Key West in July? Perfect, you might join the Hemingway days fest then. This festival is the most exciting fest in the key west that takes place in July of every year. This festival is about dressing up in the aesthetic and legendary writer look with the trademark beard. This famous festival happens in commemoration of the prominent writer Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway Days

  • Del Brown Permit Tournament

Del Brown Permit Tournament takes place in July at Key West, Florida, and is a prominent fishing contest, all the best fishermen take part in this friendly fishing contest. Celebrations and parties are held on these fest days with grilled food and also the winner is awarded the exceptional prize.

Del Brown Permit Tournament

  • Womenfest Key West

Womenfest key west happens in the September of every year, basically, this festival is about the celebration of womanhood irrespective of sexual orientation and preference. Women from all directions gather and socialize at the restaurants with live music and delicious food.

  • Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest is the perfect festival for all seafood lovers, this grandiose seafood festival happens in August across the year. Restaurants offer delicious, mouth-watering lobster and other seafood dishes and live music is the cherry on the top. Many other fun activities and family fun games are crafted at the restaurants so that the local and tourist families can enjoy this festival.

Lobster Fest In Key West

Many other prominent festivals like Key West Fantasy Fest, Florida Keys Island Fest, and Marathon Seafood Festival take place every year in the key west. Festivals at any place not only showcase the traditional and cultural values of the place but also introduce the people to more fun and excitement.

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