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Florida Key Lime Vs Regular Lime

Do you want to know the actual difference between the Florida key lime and the regular lime? Cool, we have arranged all the necessary information for you in this regard, definitely a juicy topic!

Florida's key lime is the most prominent citrus fruit in one of the most famous states of the United States; Florida. Florida is an over-populated state in the United States and shares a boundary with the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. Florida is famous for the numerous keys known as the Florida keys. Florida State with its breathtaking scenery is considered a must-visit place for tourists. Key West is one of the most well-known keys of Florida and with its beautiful culture, Cuba, restaurants, and seafood this key is definitely worth watching.

Florida key lime was originally founded in the Florida state and the horticulturist of the Florida state then later introduced the key lime as a citrus fruit in the Florida state. Florida key lime is also known as the Umani lime, Mexican lime, and many other names. It was more in demand in the 19th century and the people of the United States and all around the world visited Florida especially the conch republic key west for the key lime and all the recipes made from it. Now, key lime and other items made from key lime are the must-have desserts for all the tourists in the key west.

Florida key lime is somehow an iconic and prominent citrus fruit of Florida and there are a dizzying number of restaurants and bakeries in Florida keys that offers key lime pie and other food items made from it like key lime pie shooters, kit kat key lime pie, m&m key lime pie, gluten-free key lime pie, and whatnot!

Florida Key Lime vs Regular lime -let’s find out!

If you want to find out the actual difference between the Florida key lime and regular key lime then better to keep reading.

Florida's key lime actually originated in Florida and is high in demand since its discovery. Regular lime is not way less than the Florida key lime but there are a few things that make the Florida key lime more marketing and prominent than the regular lime.

  • Florida key lime has more seeds and is yellow in color when ripe.

  • Florida key lime is tartar than the regular lime and gives a more sweet scent than the regular one.

  • Regular lime is common all around the world however, Florida's key lime is widely available only in all around the world, however, after the destruction of crops due to cold weather the farmer replaced it with the large seeds, the lime you see now in the United States.

Florida Key Lime

Talking about the Florida lime key then you must know about the iconic key lime pie the most prominent dessert in Florida as well key lime juice is also used in my recipes. The legendary key lime pie shooter is the best sweet-sour drink and all the other items like key lime pie, steve key lime pie, and key lime pie shots all are the main sources of attraction for the people visiting Conch republic key west or Florida.

As well, the Floridian people celebrate the key lime festival every year on the 4th of July, and so the people of Florida, key west, tourists, and all around the world love to join this festival. Key lime pie strain, vegan key lime pie, no-bake key lime pie, frozen key lime, and many other types of key lime pie are usually served at this festival.

Many places in Florida offer key lime pie surprisingly in the shape and taste people want, so if you are a chocolate lover then you get the chocolate-dipped key lime pie from the bakeries and if you are a vegetarian then no worries, many bakeries got a vegan key lime pie for you.

So, the key difference between the regular lime and Florida lime is its aroma, Florida key lime is more aromatic and tarter than the regular one. The Florida key lime pie gives a floral fragrance and so people do prefer this on the regular lime. But, if you haven’t found the Florida key lime then simply replace it with the regular lime. No doubt, Florida key lime is essential for making the key lime pie dessert but you can swap it with regular key lime if you are not able to find it in grocery stores.

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