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Key Lime Pie and Strawberry Shortcake As National Desserts of the Conch Republic


As you might be aware the key lime pie is the national dessert of the state of Florida Keys. It is a tangy & citrusy dessert with a biscuit crumb base with filling, baked and topped with meringue or whipped cream or with nothing at all, whatever your preference might be. The conchs love their pie the most. No other dessert comes close in comparison, variations of the dessert exist in the state. Such as:

  • Key lime shots

  • Key lime Drinks

  • Key lime pie on a stick

  • Sliced up key lime pie

  • Etc.

These and many other variations of the dessert and the fruit key lime exist in not only the state of Florida but all over the world. But for the conchs, the dessert is a serious matter. A joined collaboration in love towards the dessert from the nation has resulted in the pie becoming the national dessert of the republic.

The Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

Desert cake

Above is an image of what the traditional shortcake looks like.

As for the strawberry shortcake, it is also another delicious dessert adored by the conchs but not nearly as much as the key lime pie. The debate of key lime pie vs. strawberry shortcake still exists in the state but the decision has been long made that the pie is and will be the national dessert of the micronation now and for many more years to come. Different variations of the shortcake just like the pie also exist around the world, especially in the conch republic. Such as:

  • Strawberry shortcake shots

  • Drinks

  • Shortcake on a stick

  • Slice of strawberry shortcake

  • Etc.

What Does the Strawberry Shortcake Consists of?

It is as the name states, Cake. But what does it include? We can see from Cooking book too Well, the strawberry shortcake is layers of cake, traditionally white vanilla cake with three layers, in between the layers there is sweetened fresh whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberry, as well as strawberry jam, and the top is decorated with cream and strawberries. It is often topped with a light dust of powdered sugar for an added sweetness if required. This cake classifies as a naked cake as all the layers along with the drippy and oozy cream are visible. Cut into the cake to reveal all the beautiful and monotone layers. The taste is just fresh, delicious, and just absolutely sweet.

Why is the Key Lime Pie the National Dessert and Not the Strawberry Shortcake?

No doubt both desserts are absolutely delicious and reviving for the soul but the preference and decision are totally up to the conchs which is why it is evident that they have made their choice. The citrusy lime dessert is their pick due to the balanced sweetness, the fresh and fruity & rich taste along with the freshness from the limes. There is nothing the republicans adore more. Their decision is final and they intend to keep it that way. Many debates have taken place regarding this minor matter but they have taken it seriously enough. The majority is authority and as for the national of the republic, the key lime pie is the ultimate choice of the majority.

What is the Main Reason the key lime Pie is Preferred More?

The biggest and most unavoidable truth behind the pie being loved so much by the nation is that the state is Florida is where the key lime pie originates from. It is the land where the dessert was created or prepared first. Its invention originates from the Florida Keys. A reason is such is far too major to ignore. Hence, there is a sense of attachment and history related to the dessert and its name in being affiliated with the state. According to the conch

“The key lime pie is more Floridian than any other dessert.”

This is a given on how the pie is a conch favorite and loved by most if not every individual living in the state. People from all over the United States visit the republic to taste the authentic dessert and buy the mix from local shops or bakeries to take home and try for themselves.

There even exists a key lime pie council in the conch republic that takes extra measures to make sure the dessert is recognized and stays affiliated with the state for as long as it can. No other petition during the time of their existence can happen that can replace the pie or take its place. Nor do the folks of the nation take any such petitions seriously as they already know where their heart lies.

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