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Official Dessert Of Florida, Strawberry Shortcake Or Key Lime Pie?

Florida is a beautiful part of the United State lined up with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico mainly famous for its beautiful sceneries and blue water. Key West is the prominent key of Florida, well-known because of its history, and definitely a perfect vacation spot for tourists. Florida key west is a destination point for all the tourists visiting the United States due to its seafood, Cuba, adventure fury as well as the sunset, the biggest celebration every day in the Conch republic key west. Ghost hunting, Roosters fight, sailing adventure night and many other things spice up the worth and charm of the conch republic.

Just like all other adventure and fun places the Florida key west is also prominent due to its delicious seafood restaurant and sweet treats. Key Lime Pie key west is a perfect sweet-sour treat for all the locals and people visiting from all around the world. Key lime pie is made up of egg, cream, and special Florida key lime; a special lime that grew in the land of Florida. This sweet-sour dessert is till now an official dessert of Florida but now it is reported that strawberry shortcake is now regarded as the official dessert of Florida, seems like Floridians are not happy with the decision.

Florida official dessert -Key lime pie or Strawberry shortcake?

But before discussing which dessert is the official dessert of Florida let’s get an idea about both the key lime pie and strawberry shortcake.

Key Lime Pie Or Strawberry Shortcake

Key lime pie is made up of egg yolks, condensed milk, sour cream, and Florida key lime makes the tough crust and fluffy creamy filling. Key lime pie is now considered the official dessert of Florida and Floridians celebrate the key lime pie festival on the 4th of July of every year. People of the United States and all the tourists around the world come to Florida for seafood and especially the key lime pie dessert. Many restaurants in Florida have chocolate-dipped key lime pie, no-bake key lime pie, and vegan key lime pie.

Key Lime Pie

Strawberry Shortcake is basically a sweet treat made up of baking powder, condensed milk, whipping cream, vanilla extract strawberry, and egg yolks. The cake is topped with strawberry and whipped cream and is also a favorite dessert for the Floridians and the people visiting Florida. But, this dessert is less likely compared to the key lime pie.

Strawberry Shortcake

But, in March 2022, Governor DeSantis designated the strawberry shortcake as the official dessert of Florida, the plea of making the strawberry shortcake an official dessert was put forward in the Senate in November 2021. After this plea introduction in November, the senate read the bill and referred it to the Agriculture for review. In January, the bill was read for the second time and now it was immediately certified to the house calendar. Now, on the 7th March 2022, the strawberry shortcake is designated as the official dessert of the state of Florida, leaving the majority of the people unhappy.

After stating the strawberry shortcake as the official dessert of Florida the pricing of the Strawberry shortcake industry boosted up to $1 billion. Additionally, at the official festivals of the Conch republic key west, the strawberry shortcake sales go up, especially on the weekends.

However, many people are happy with the decision but the majority of the people are in a fit and fury, stating the decision ‘Ridiculous’, as well as key lime pie, is one of the best selling businesses.

The online sweet battle of both desserts to choose which one would be the official dessert then both key lime pie and strawberry shortcake has received many signatures. But, the key lime pie seems like winning the battle and has high vote points as compared to the strawberry shortcake. Floridian like their key lime pie, but they can’t ignore the strawberry shortcake -a never-ending sweet controversy!

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