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Proper Guide to Raise Charity Funds for the Conch Republic


Charity is an organization set up in order to help those in need. It is not only money but anything you can give to those that require it most. It is about giving without expecting anything in return. When it comes to charity you do not have to be super-rich and loaded to help out, you can do this by any means that are affordable for you. For example:

  • You can give old clothes as a charity

  • Food to ensure proper meals for those starving

  • Old toys for kids

  • Books and other stationery to help out children

  • Beddings and any other miscellaneous household items

  • Old furniture

  • Etc.

Hence, there is a lot you can do to help out, these are just a few examples relating to what you can do in order to help. Countries or states have their own charitable organization arranged for the general public to take advantage of. As for micronations, they are always in need of change and development, so is any other country but for a micronation, it has less recognition as compared to others. Just like any other micronation the conch republic has its fair share of needs and requirements.

The CRC Charitable Organization of the Conch Republic and its History

The CRC stands for:

“Conch Republic Cup”

It can be considered a charitable organization in terms of gaining recognition for the conch republic in the eyes of the world. A recognition well-deserved for a nation that took matters into its own hands relating to its freedom and tourist attraction both of which are a huge part of the economy of the republicans.

How did the CRC come into being?

Back before the revolution, the republic was known to have its own Key West sailing club but it had no part in any competitive races. In collaboration with the Cubans that approached the Key West sailing club the races and competition led to raising funds for the micronation benefitting it wholly in terms of fame and name. They approached Key West in the 1970s and races have been taking place between the Cubans and Americans ever since. The commander of the Cuban sailing club known as Escrich of Hemmingway approached the republicans in the year of 1977. Their club was known as Hemmingway international yacht club (HIYC). This Cuban American relationship has formed a bond of healthy competition for its people to partake and grow as sailors. The fervor and excitement created due to the games are to motivate more people both from Cuba and Key West to become a part of sailing activities for years to come and gain a name for the nations both collectively and independently.

All the earnings from the event or races go straight to the internal revenue code 501 an organization that funds those interested in sailing, learning about the art of it. Its proceeds also go to the Key West sailing center and the Shake a leg Miami center. This is a great way to promote micronation as well as earn money for it helping those in need. It also proves as a way towards advancements regarding the name and fame of the nation. A sailing competition for a tropical nation sounds like the perfect way to gain attraction and recognition.

The Annual Celebration Funds of the Conch Republic


The military organization known as the CIA (cuties in action) is a group of women dedicated to serving the military forces of the Florida Keys along with representing the women of the republic in good name and honor. Every year during the celebration the military organization of the CIA gets together to celebrate all military forces at the Garden’s Hotel. All the proceeds collected are then presented honorably to the conch republic Foster Children’s funds that are held or organized by the great Wesley House.

Many such celebrations take place annually that fund the facilities inside the republic that can get all the help required. Funds and proceeds collected. You can help by donating to such organizations in all of Florida in order to help out and work for a better cause. The idea of giving and donating no matter how big or small is a great way to do your part in creating a change and getting the state more recognition.

You can check out our page about conch republic charity funds for further details. Not only this you can avail our website page to donate whatever you would like to help out the micronation. No help is too little or too big. We have available all the necessary means you can follow to help out using the website. Online donations are available on our page for you to deposit into the fund account affiliated with us. We are always looking out for the republicans in need

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