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The Best Places to Try the Famous Key West Dessert

Key lime pie is an American dessert resembling a cheesecake made with key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It is served in a dish that is lined with a cookie crust, the pie batter is prepared and poured over the crust to fill the pan, which is then baked and left to cool till it is cold enough to enjoy. It is best enjoyed with some whipped cream or a whipped meringue and a slice of lime or a wedge to top it off. This is the classic key lime pie that is famous around all of Key West many restaurants sell their own special versions of the pie.

Here, we will be putting together a list of restaurants or cafes around the conch republic that sell the best key lime pie you could think of. Following are the five places that sell this citric specialty dessert.

1. Key Lime Pie Bakery

2. Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe (includes gluten-free options)

3. The Café (Vegan)

4. Blue Heaven

5. Thai Island

Now we will be discussing these remarkable eateries descriptively:

The Key Lime Pie Bakery in the Florida Keys

The Key lime Pie Bakery is an aesthetical little bakery that is decorated and colored to support its name. It is located one block off Duval Street. It not only sells the pie but different variations of the desert. Such as the Whole pie, a slice of the pie, a slice of pie dipped in chocolate, and other fun little treats.

Right outside the shop on either side of the front of the shop are two cute little benches where people often sit, snap pictures, or watch others devouring their share of the key lime pie or other treats. Most cruise ship people go to the shop to enjoy a fresh dessert. If you are a visitor then you can even purchase a mix of the pie and bake it back home to get a taste of Key West.

Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe in the Key West, Florida (includes gluten-free options)

This is another cute little shop in the conch republic which is named after its owner who is a white man known as Kermit. His shop is on the corner of the street and appears to be in two colours: yellow and green both citric colours.

Kermit’s are also known to sell some of the best Key lime pie there is in Florida. Their serving methods are those of a traditional key lime pie topped with whipped cream served as a slice, a whole pie or if you’re on the go then a slice on a stick (this technique is more common in Key West because its people adore this delicious dessert) and other treats such as Key lime shots, etc. Just like the bakery, Kermit’s also sold a mix that you can take back with you to make at home and the best part is their mix is so concentrated and flavorful that you do not need to use the entire batter instead you can add half and make the mix twice!

The Café in Key West, Florida (Vegan)

The Café is a beautiful little café in the micronation that is a vegan favorite. It sells the best Vegan Key Lime Pie in all of Florida. This is a plant-based eaters’ favorite spot to get food and desserts. Although their motto is:

“Rock the Veg”

They do sell some meat options to attract other customers besides vegans. They have meat options in their brunch, lunch, breakfast as well as the dinner menu. Their vegan key lime pie is the café’s specialty however, they do sell some other vegan cake and pie options which are just as good if not better.

Blue Heaven in Micronation, Conch Republic

Blue Heaven is an extremely vibey and tropical little restaurant that is also known to sell some special and delicious key lime pie. Their specialty is a pie topped with meringue made with egg whites and torched to form a smoky beautiful light golden crust. When we say meringue we mean more than four inches of meringue on top of a heavenly slice of pie.

This is the best stop for you to taste the most picturesque and delicious pie you could imagine. The restaurant has small funky little rosters wandering around outside among tables and chairs creating a vibe like none other. Although the pie is not the only special item on their menu it is definitely what draws most customers. The best part is you can have dessert with breakfast.

Thai Island in the Florida Keys, Conch Republic

Looking for an escape from the crowded streets of Duval towards a chiller place to enjoy a slice of Key lime pie in Key West then Thai Island is the perfect go-to spot for you to visit and eat from. It is located in Garrison Bight Marina with a two-story patio that has serving tables as well if you are willing to sit on the outskirts and enjoy your heavenly slice of pie looking at the ripple in the water.

That island does not only sell some of the finest and most delicious key lime pie but as its name states it sells devour-able Thai cuisine as well as some delicious sushi. This is a great escape spot for you to visit and chill at. Without the excessive noise and hustle, you can just sit and enjoy the time of your life.

Final verdict, you cannot miss the key lime pie in Key West as it is like none other and the experience is completely different and elevated when in the Conch Republic. As a nation that specializes in the making of this dessert, you cannot find any other spot more fit to have this dessert. These are among some of the best places around all of Key West that are known to sell the desert and do justice to its name!

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