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The Former Official and Founder & the Rum Distillery of the Conch Republic


Key West History has been discussed extensively previously. How the nation seceded, stood up to the injustice, took a stand and made the final and inevitably right decision of a separate free nation with its own flag, passport, history and military force.

Formerly known as the prime minister of the conch republic dennis wardlow is a big name in the history of the micronation. His justice and movement worked greatly in the favour of the republicans which is evident by the state the micronation is in today.

Also greatly known as the founder of the conch republic Dennis Wardlow did his part in bringing the nation to success and beginning a new legacy of a separate nation inside the United States, Florida. This led to the republicans having an identity and name of their own in the United States history as well with the title of a micronation.

a picture of the great former prime minister of the Florida Keys

Dennis Wardlow and the Conch Republic History:

Born in the year of 1954 Dennis Wardlow took the office from 1995 to 1997. He was preceded by Tom Sawyer who replaced the former personality to the best of his abilities and high followed in his steps. And he was succeeded by Sheila Mullins who served the office from 1991 to 1995.

He is the personality that brought the demand for a separate nation inside Florida to public attention when the economic growth of the conch republic was being affected due to lack of tourism because of the blockade that was taking place at the time. Wardlow took to the office and represented the nation at the time. He served the nation on three occasions which favoured them greatly. Dennis Wardlow served key west in the right ways at the proper time of requirement.

Paul Menta and the Conch Republic History:

Paul Menta

Paul Menta is a Chef that showed up in the conch republic more than thirty years prior. He wanted to move on from the cooking school he attended in Philadelphia and go to or travel to other places in Latin America and Europe to sharpen his culinary skills further and expand his food knowledge horizons.

Notwithstanding, as Key West does to most people who visit the crazy, peculiar and gladly unusual island, Paul changed. Shockingly this worked in his favour as he was able to become the man he always intended to. Paul arrived in the micronation as a young person with a will to learn and burning passion to hone the skills he has as much as he wanted.

He did everything he could to use the ingredients and specialities of k key west that would help him in his venture. He established places like:

  1. Cuban Coffee Queen

  2. Amigo’s Three Hands Fish

  3. As well as a sustainable fish market

  4. Key West Legal Rum Distillery

The establishment of a fish market on his part was a service to not only his own restaurants but others around the conch republic so they always had access to the finest and most fresh seafood to provide customers all over with the best food and ensured great taste that never compromises on quality.

Paul Menta and the Legal Rum Distillery of the Conch Republic:

 Legal Rum Distillery

Locally produced rum was another of Paul's goals which he brought to life by establishing a legal rum distillery in the Florida Keys which even now provides the citizens with fine quality and delicious rum.

Carefully calculated and concentrated formulas are what make his rum so unique and tasty. The republic is very well known due to its rum production and how it is bottled and sold outside of the micronation in other cities and states of the United States as well.

The distillery is open from 11am to 6pm all seven days of the week, you can visit and taste the rum on your visit there.

Hence, this was a note on the two of the most known and famous names that come up when you think of the conch republic. The founder of the micronation and the rum distillery that brings in a lot of the business and attention to the name of the republic along with the key lime pie both providing the nation with much profit in terms of fame and name to the outside nations that visit and have words to say in favour of the nation. These two personalities and movements rake in most of the attention from all over the state as well as nearby countries.

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