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7 Best Places to Visit in the Conch Republic Key West

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

We have already talked about some of the best places to visit around Conch Republic Key in the previous discussion. In this discussion, we will continue to talk about and mention more spots around Key West that are tourist-friendly and worth visiting when in the Conch area.

Following are the seven other places we will mention and discuss here:

Mallory square sunset parties

First legal Rum distillery

Key West fantasy fest

Key West aquarium

Tropical forest and botanical garden

The historic seaport

Snorkeling or scuba diving

Following are the descriptions of these spots and why they are famous:

1. Mallory Square Sunset Parties in Key West, Florida:

This is a great walk-around and exploring spot in the micronation that one must not miss. Before the sunset, there are a number of activities performed that are worth the watch. Mallory Square is also the perfect spot if you are looking to buy souvenirs, eat good food and explore the greatest activities. Live performances such as:

· Performances from street musicians

· Performances from clowns

· Performances from jugglers

· Local arts and crafts

· Delicious food carts

· Sword swallower performance

· High-wire act

· Southernmost bagpiper performance

· A fire thrower performance

· Dominique the cat man (a crowd favourite)

These are all the activities that are performed two hours before the sunset and come to a halt after it. The sunset itself is a beautiful and serene end to the day of fun and enjoyment.

2. First legal Rum distillery in Key West, Florida:

Known originally for being a restaurant called Jack’s Saloon, this place transitioned into a rum distillery in the nineteen hundreds. Their most famous items on the menu include rum as the key ingredient of which the rum cake is the most loved by the customers.

Other items like coffee rum, Vanilla Brulee dark rum are also purchased the most by customers. Hence, if you are a rum-loving tourist visiting this spot then make sure to try this spot!

3. Fantasy Fest in Key West:

The Key West fantasy fest is a costume party festival where guests come dressed as their favorite movie, television, or book characters and spend the night partying and enjoying the festival. The themes of the costumes are more adult-like and show a lot of skin, a lot of body painting is also involved.

Hence, it is most definitely a festival for all the bachelors as well as other adults looking to spend a night of fun. It is like Halloween but on an Island, lasts ten days and it is where the adults get to dress up not the kids.

4. The Key West Aquarium:

The aquarium located in Key West is unlike most aquariums you must have seen or visited. It is home to much sea life like fishes, sea horses, and species such as Alligators and turtles, etc.

There is a special tank area that allows for the kids to touch these species under controlled circumstances and an overall safe plus learning environment that allows for the kids and adults both to enjoy a chill time.

5. The Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden:

Situated in stock Island Key West and covering about sixty-three hectares of land, The tropical and botanical garden that started in 1936 is the only garden in all of the United States that is completely frost-free and famously visited for its renowned green trees and beautiful tropical vibe

It is also given the nickname of:

“Keeper of trees”

All sorts of exotic wildlife are found in these gardens

Such as:

· Exotic trees

· Subtropical plants

· Butterfly habitats

· Wetland habitats etc.

6. The historic Sea Port of the Conch Micronation:

The micronation marina is full of human and sea life as well as docks covered with boats and yachts. An entire seaport is a beautiful place, always glimmering from the sun hitting the water and the people decorating the port with their presence.

It is filled with stores for shopping, food places, souvenir stores where you can purchase merchandise like the conch republic shirts, hats, and the conch republic flag. You can even ride the yachts and boats to go sailing or catch fish. It is always a pleasant time at the dock.

7. Snorkeling or scuba diving in Key West Conch Republic:

Considering the type of tropical state that Florida is known to be, activities such as scuba diving are taken seriously over here. One of the famous scuba diving spots located right next to Key West you will find the Florida Keys national marine sanctuary.

Snorkelling is also another famous activity performed in this sanctuary which makes it the perfect spot. For this activity, you will need to book a private boat as it cannot be done directly form the beach.

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