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Best Places For Strawberry Shortcake In Key West

Florida is the charming state of the United States that is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, beautifully lined up with blue fresh water and breath-taking scenery. Florida has over 1700 keys that make this place attractive for all the people around the world, but Key West is the well-known key of the state of Florida state.

This key seceded from the United nation is now living as an independent micronation Conch republic. Key West is the perfect destination spot for tourists because this key unwraps thrilling adventures like ghost hunting, sailing, rooster fights, wing foiling, and mainly delicious seafood.

Key West is the most famous due to fresh seafood and desserts like key lime pie and strawberry shortcake. If you are visiting Key West for vacation, then you must look into the best rental place in key west to make your stay memorable. Mouthwatering desserts of the key west make this key most visited place, especially key lime pie and strawberry shortcake has gained immense popularity.

You can look for the top spot for key lime pie in key west, however, recently the authorities of key west have announced the strawberry shortcake as the official dessert of key west. Do you want to know about the best places for strawberry shortcake in key west? Read out the below information to know about the best places.

Best Places For Strawberry Shortcake In Key West -Let’s Explore!

Below we have mentioned all the best places for strawberry shortcakes in the key west, let’s discover.

La Crêperie French Café

The La Crêperie French Café is the top spot for strawberry shortcakes in key west, this restaurant is well-known because of its good ambiance and taste. This french restaurant is the best place to have a meal as it offers a huge variety of food for brunch, dinner, and lunch. Also, this place serves a whole variety of coffee and strawberry shortcakes, but delivery is not available.

La Crêperie French Café

Goldman's Deli

The Goldman's Deli is situated at the Naval Air Station in Key West, this affordable restaurant serves the best food and dessert. Although this place is a bit smaller yet the good service and food make this place the top spot for strawberry shortcakes in key west. This family restaurant is the best place to go for breakfast, doughy bagels, and the most famous strawberry shortcake.

Goldman’s Deli

Sarabeth’s Key West

Sarabeth’s Key West is the best and most traditional place to have strawberry shortcakes and delicious seafood but you have to make reservations first. This restaurant serves the best bacon rolls, banana pancakes, duck eggs, and famous desserts like Strawberry shortcake and key lime pie. It offers takeaway but no delivery however, this restaurant does have parking lots and outdoor seating making your outing more pleasant.

Sarabeth’s Key West

Shots & Giggles

The Shots & Giggles is the best bar with delicious food and dessert such as strawberry shortcakes within the walking distance of Curry's mansion in the key west. This place is famous for its cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, and good services.

Shots & Giggles

Flaming Buoy

The Flaming Buoy restaurant is situated at Eaton Street in key west Florida with a delicious cuisine menu, this eatery has outdoor seating. The opening hours of this restaurant are 5 pm to 9 pm as well as it serves the best-grilled shrimps, prawns, bacon, and lobsters.

Flaming Buoy

The above mentioned are the best places for strawberry shortcakes in key west so if you are planning to visit the key west then must visit any above spots to taste the official dessert of the key west.


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