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Some of the Best Beaches to Chill at in the Conch Republic


Keeping in mind the fact that the Florida Keys is a tropical state with its tropical breeze, harbours, fleets, a sea, palm trees as well as beaches! Yes, something you cannot miss out on when in Florida is a sunny trip to the beach or a moonlit night beach stroll or whatever else it is you like to do at the beach.

Clean, well-kept golden, and glistening sandy beaches with blue shining water that washes up the sand with beautiful seashells and other stones. A day at the beach in Key West can be a tremendous experience with unimaginable memories.


A beach is a perfect place to visit when you need to tan, chill, play volleyball, go for a swim, and go surfing as well as a beach picnic and as many imaginable beach activities as possible.

Here, we will be listing a few of the conch republics’ marvellous beaches that you can visit with your family, friends, or significant other.

Five of the best beaches located in the Florida Keys are:

  1. Dog Beach in the conch republic

  2. Rest beach (C.B Harvey’s beach) in Key West

  3. Fort Zachary Taylor beach in the conch republic

  4. Dry Tortugas Beach micronation

  5. Smathers beach Key West

Below is some information you may require to know more about the beaches:

Dog Beach in the Conch Republic


If you have a little friend in your home with four legs, a tail and cute eyes then this is the perfect beach to bring them to let them enjoy and have fun in key west. The dog beach is a great place for your little buddy to let loose and have fun in a confined space where you will not be worried about losing it. Instead you can also sit and enjoy freely while your animal buddy spends the time of their life.

You are allowed to bring other pets to the dog beach as well such as: a pet cat. Your animal can freely enjoy the sandy land or you can dip them in the water and let them splash to their little hearts desire. Imagine a sight as such where you and your adorable pet sit on the beach enjoying a carefree and chill life for a few hours.

One of the best things about this beach has to be that by the end of having spent your night or day with the pet you can have them join you for a quick meal as well! Yes, that is right here at Dog Beach they do not mind you bringing your dog in to dine with you in fact they have tiny treats for your little friend to enjoy and rest too.

Rest beach (C.B Harvey’s beach) in Key West


Although this is a smaller, more confined and limited beach compared to all others that are on the list however, despite the fact that this lacks in space and splendour it does make up for this short-coming with the views. Yes, the view at both sunrise and sunset is absolutely to die for. Such that once seen can never be forgotten. The beautiful Floridan sun setting creates a marvellous sight that the eyes see and the brain does never forget.

This beach is only three-hundred yards in length but it can quite easily become your comfort spot to spend time, relax, let loose or simply enjoy the everyday life that follows the beach especially if you are a local.

The beach comes with an added bonus for those interested, it provides night yoga classes. If you join the classes and find yourself to not feel so motivated that you wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise and the beach then the yoga classes can be your free pass to get to see the sunset instead. The same blues, orange and pink setting instead of rising.

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach in the Conch Republic


Among the most famous beaches of Key West, this one is named after the famous and late US president Zachary Taylor. Built between 1845 and 1866 the fort is the living space for civil soldiers and other officials as well as a beautiful beach and park for tourists to explore.

The shoreline of this beautiful beach is made out of pure coal and fort zachary beach is known to be the most real beach due to its natural beauty and the fact that the air is so pure and water is crystal clear the beach does not require much maintenance or up-keep to have it feeling beautiful all the time because of the history behind its construction.

If you are a tourist looking to explore the conch republic then the fort beach is a great start or should have a spot in your itinerary no matter what. The beauty, history and natural beauty of the fort is something to look forward to if you have never been or wish to visit.

Dry Tortugas Beach in Micronation(Conch Republic)


Key West, Florida is also famous for its coral reefs and outstanding sea life as well as the tropical beaches. The park/beach was given its name in the sixteenth century by the late Ponce the Leon due to the large number of turtles found on the island that the beach is located on.

The best bit about the park/beach is Fort Jefferson that is built with numerous bricks in the shape of a hexagon. Tourists visit this spot for an adventure and are sure to spend the time of their life. Locals make sure to keep visiting the beach to yet again rest and get a feel for the historic background surrounding the island and the beach.

Smathers Beach Key West


This is another totally chill spot to go and enjoy. The great things about this beach are the friendly volleyball tournaments that go on day to night. People visit to rest and bathe in the sun just laying there for hours on end to their hearts desire.

This is more of a local citizens beach where most if not all people among the crowd are the ones that live in the area, nearby or just in the Key West area in general. The vibe this place provides is extremely comforting and calming.

It is the largest beach in the republic and also the most famous due to the extensive amount of ground space it covers. You can never visit the beach and go back disappointed with the idea that it was too crowded or congested.

Hence, if you ever find yourself feeling the need to tap into the tropical side of the conch republic in a more leisurely way, just resting, having fun, playing or simply relaxing then these are some excellent beaches among many more for you to go to and have the time of your life.

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